Elements in Homeopathy and the Human Imperfection

Human imperfection is the inability to recognize the full wholeness of the spiritual and physical realms, the inability to understand that we are all interconnected and depends on each other as all cells do in a organism, as also we depend from the most high source of consciousness, God. It implies the inability to live a life without sin and moral purity.

With the original sin humankind dropped one level below. Now we are at the same level as the animals. Our consciousness is not able to recognize fully eternity and the spiritual reality. Therefore we became old, get ill and finally die.

From the point of view of homeopathy, we cannot reach a level higher than the Actinides on the periodic table.

Chemical Elements

Let me explain what this means:

Each row in the periodic table of the chemical elements represents a certain level of consciousness.

Hydrogen series - Hydrogen to Helium

Beginning with the first row, hydrogen and helium, consciousness is reduced on the most basic perception of the own identity. “I am … or am I not?!“, “To be or not to be”. In homeopathy a patient which suffers from illness deriving from this specific level a delusions is perceived about the own identity. The consciousness is stuck on that level. This does not mean that this person is of a lower value. They simply are stuck on a certain level of maturity.


With the help of a homeopathic remedy the delusion will be dissolved and progress can be done in achieving a higher maturity. Sometimes the maturity is only stuck partially. The patient seems very mature in many aspects, but lacks only in one single aspect and behaves confused in certain circumstances.

Carbon series - Lithium to Neon

With the second row begins the typical stage of a toddler. They begin to ask questions like “what is the meaning of life?”. And they begin to recognize the difference between I and others.


Silicium series - Natrium to Argon

After one has learned the difference between I and the others, the differentiation between the family members begins. The silicium stage is about relationships and family.


Ferrum series - Kali to Krypton

Iron is the worker. He has learned to fulfill tasks, but there is still another person who helps him to do this task, like a teacher or master. The relation he has with other people continues to grow until he knows the entire village.



Silver series - Rubidium to Xenon

At the silver series begins the level of art. With art one can reach even more people than with the tasks one fulfill on the iron level. Here begins one to explore the possibilities of communication, speech, painting, design and so on. Notice that with every level the communication skills becomes better and reach higher levels, more abstract, even more spiritual.


Gold series - Caesium to Radon

When greater maturity is achieved, one becomes a leader of many. But with power comes also the greater responsibility. Many people at this level are today unable to handle this power. Than more power one has, than higher the level in this periodic table, than more deeper the illness can be. Aurum muriaticum for example is known as a person which achieves leadership in a big company and has huge responsibility. Finally some of them put an end to their life by suicide after a long period of great depressions. You see, imperfection is a obstacle for us to handle things in a proper way, in order to live a creative life for us and others.


Uranium series - Francium to Plutonium

People on the uranium level are rare and most time so powerful, that they need to act behind the curtain. These are the leaders behind politicians, able to influence the entire world. Their power is big, but their illness is lethal too. It seems that one cannot achieve such a great power without paying a high price.



Achieving higher levels of maturity is equivalent to becoming conscious of the own responsibility towards others. Hydrogen seems to have no responsibility at all like a newborn baby. What can you expect from a infant, what kind of responsibility should they have?

Responsibility grows with the own ability to influence others. At the silver level the art of speech could be misused to mislead a country, like Hitler has done in the past. At the level of gold a SEO of a big company could fire thousands of people and ruin their life. At the level or uranium a leader of a superpower could trigger a war just because of his big ego and lack of responsibility.


Humans are not able to enhance consciousness higher than the average collective consciousness. We are stuck on a lower level which hinders us to cope with our responsibility. During illness we need homeopathic remedies which can help us to dissolve some obstacles in our subconscious. This remedies can even address subtler level of consciousness which reach even the collective mind, but they are not able to rebuild the bridge to the most high level in order that we can talk to God directly. Therefore we need a intermediator between us and God.

Homeopathy is only a help for the imperfect human being. Interestingly homeopathic potencies are oriented to the power of six. Watch the table below.

Homeopathic potency Power of six Level
C 6 6 Cell
C 30 36 Body / Organism
C 200 216 Emotions
C 1000 or M 1296 Mind
C 10000 or 10M 7776 Family / Group
C 50000 or 50M 46656 City / Country
C 100000 or 100M / CM 279936 Nation
C 1000000 or MM 1679616 Collective Global Mind

Elements forms minerals and other compounds. All life depend on this elements, therefore this aspects mentioned here about the element theory can be found in plants and animals too. Humans reflects these qualities and they reveal only as illness if one is stuck during the natural maturity process. How many years would it require for a human and the society to reach a higher level of maturity, in order to achieve real harmony inside and with everyone else? The Bible tells us it must be 1000 years. But we fail to live more than 120 years. Fibonacci numbers for example represents the different stages in human maturity. From 1 to 89 they can be achieved, but the age of 144, next Fibonacci number after 89, is not achievable anymore. What we need is divine intervention!


Now imagine that our father in heaven would decide to help us by rising the overall awareness. Our individual as our collective consciousness would be launched to a higher orbit, on a higher level, even more higher than the uranium series. This would change society forever. No economic power system could persist under this conditions. Political institutions would collapse and secret societies could not hide anymore.

Indeed many prophecies in the Bible points towards a great day in the future which will bring such a change over humanity. No need for doctors anymore, no need for homeopathy or acupuncture, because our consciousness is on a higher level and this will affect all levels below our mind, like our body and organs.

Maybe the rising of the collective consciousness will have some impact on the chemical elements too. Rupert Sheldrake has mentioned it that natural laws are not constant, but they can change. Like the speed of light for example, it is not constant at all. By changing only a fragment of a physical factors the whole universe is affected, like a parameter in the mathematical formula of a fractal. Maybe radioactive elements like plutonium could not be used for weapons anymore, because the would become stable.

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