Fibonacci numbers define key points in human aging

Human Age

Development Stage

Key Attributes



1 Newborn Birth
1 Infant Walking, vocalizing
2 Toddler Talking, expressing, imitating
3 Toddler Self image and control, toilet training
5 Early child Formal education begins
8 Mid child Age of reason, knowing of right and wrong
13 Adolescent Thinking, puberty, sexual maturation and drive
21 Young adult Full physical growth, adult in
society, education complete, beginning career, financial responsibility, 

eligible for voting


Mid adult Refinement of adult skills, parenting role
55 Elder adult Fulfillment of adult skills, serving, retirement begins with
eligibility for Medicare, Social Security and AARP
89 Completion Insight and wisdom into life

Imperfect humans today never reach a age over 144 ( … or 233, 377, 610, 987 …), the next number in the Fibonacci number sequence. Let’s see how the maximum age dropped with the time, especially after the global flood.

Human Age


930 Adam
912 Seth
905 Enosh
910 Kenan
962 Jared
969 Methuselah
950 Noah
600 Shem
175 Abraham
180 Isaac
147 Jacob
120 Moses

It was after the Great Flood that the maximum age dropped under 120. Another great event followed the Great Flood. Soon after the flood a man named Nimrod opposed to God’s will and purpose to bring forth a Messiah (the semen mentioned in Genesis 3:15). Nimrod was the first human who made war, build a city, established a human government and the very first false religion. All people at this time got one language in common, but God confused their language into many. In effect this was a preventive action in order to fulfill the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah. After the confusion of the languages the lifespan was reduced dramatically. Maybe the confusion of languages stays in relation with the invisible field of our collective life-force. If this life-force-field could again be stabilized, maybe we could live much longer.

The “purpose of life” should be considered from the point of view of “alternative science“. If life is consciousness and death is the absence of consciousness, what is the purpose of consciousness? In the posts “Consciousness is order and the source of energy” and “Radioactivity is the Absence of Order and Consciousness” I explained why life is communication and why it requires a certain order. But if someone from the collective consciousness oppose to the “meaning” of what is communicated, than it (or he or she) is reduced to nothing. The reduced lifespan is a safeguard for the whole purpose of what needs to be communicated.

Regarding the Fibonacci numbers and the key points in human aging, once the overall collective consciousness will accept the whole truth and the purpose of what is communicated by God towards humanity, the following key points after the 89 can be reached again and even more, eternal life is possible then.

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