How is it possible to separate the collective consciousness?

Humans share a collective consciousness, a collective memory and a collective subconsciousness

Evidence in science is plenty! The fact that human brain produce 20 Watt of energy (EM, electromagnetic energy) and that all human beings now living on earth produce the same amount of energy as magnetosphere of the earth, 10 high 11 Watt, is evidence for a common field of consciousness. So we are individuals, but approximately a third of us is part of a greater organism.

Why a third? We sleep 8 hours a day, entering with our consciousness this common field. Our brain synchronize to the so called Schumann Frequencies, these are frequencies caused by lightnings and sun activity, and these frequencies are very similar to our brain activity. Some scientists believes that it is our earth which is the central clock for our brains. During the day (16 hours) our brain is awake, showing frequencies between 12 and 50 hz. At night (the last third part, 8 hours) we enter “alpha” 8 hz and deeper “theta” 4 hz. All this activity is triggered and sustained by the global electromagnetic activity of our earth and atmosphere (better magnetosphere).

Our consciousness expands through the entire solar system! Perhaps even wider. The whole universe is a electromagnetic apparatus. Each thought we have, each emotion is shared through this vast field. Our memory is not located in our brain … forget this old paradigm, it is a materialist point of view. We was created in order to live forever, and our consciousness is part of the electromagnetic field of the entire universe. There is no limit for whatever we will be able to remember, to learn, … so our brain is not a library, it’s a radio station! Every cell in our body contains DNA and this little super computer is able to send and receive EM signals.

Our brain is able to tune into the magnetosphere and this is the reason why we sometimes get “ideas out of the blue”, because the magnetosphere is a integral part of our collective consciousness.

Similar to the ants, the whole humankind forms a organism. The word organization derives from “put something in order“. A organism is put into order by a invisible field, partly consisting of EM fields and currents. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) knows this currents as the “meridians” of the body. They points or crossroads can be measured with conventional “ohmmeter”. Our health depends on the “order” of all activities and cells in our body. Without this order we are not anymore a “organism”. So we stop to live when order wanes.

Each individual human contributes to the collective order. His or her thoughts of the individual are assimilated by the collective field and then they influence all humans. Your thoughts influence me. Whatever you read, whatever you create in your mind, will affect my thoughts and my emotions. When billion of people worship Jehovah, the common field of consciousness is saturated with sacred thoughts and feelings. This affects all people. So there is no way to escape the influence of the collective consciousness.

Evidence for this exist in science. Doctor Rupert Sheldrake has made some experiments with crosswords. A small group of people tried to solve a crossword. They succeeded in doing this in 20 minutes. Then the crossword was displayed during a television broadcast, just a few seconds. After this, the very next day, another group of people participated at this crossword experiment, and they succeeded in under 10 minutes. This experiment was repeated and every time the results was overwhelming.

Our mind expands through the entire universe. It’s a electromagnetic field. Scientists knows that nonlocality occurs on quantum level. Also our mind works on that subtle level.

What implies this insight regarding our faith and our future?

Let’s first examine what happens inside a individual mind, when he or she decides to pray to God for help, to unify the heart, to get help in order to do the full will of our heavenly father. Jehovah sends his Holy Spirit and he corrects all thoughts inside this person. Maybe the faithful brother or sister gets into a “spiritual crisis“, a kind of war inside themselves. Then once the war is over, the person feels free from the thoughts of sin and pleasures of the flesh. It’s like they can breath more deeply and everything looks more bright. Now they can serve Jehovah without restrictions. What a wonderful state of heart and mind.

Part of our mind is connected to the “flesh“. It is in resonance with the part of the collective which is not of eternal nature and corruptible. This is one of the main reason why we are not able to free ourself from imperfection. It is not you who are imperfect, it is us. Because we form a organism all together, we cannot reach perfection as individuals. What we call consciousness is a continuum, eternal. To die means to leave consciousness. It is not to difficult to understand, after one becomes aware what it means to ignore a truth … one becomes unaware by free choice, and with every lie which persist in us we loose consciousness, aka life force.

The spiritual crisis will occur on global level. Suddenly the collective consciousness switch to another level. Perhaps this will affect the electromagnetic activity of the earth’s magnetosphere, or perhaps it will involve the entire solar system. We don’t know. But something huge will happen. Individuals are forced to make a choice. Live forever and subordinate to the Kingdom of God or just left consciousness. A anointed brother told me, that the separation between the sheeps and the goats occurs by saving life and destroying life.

So my initial hypothesis about a separation of collective consciousness field is wrong, because this collective field cannot be separated into two parts. Whoever is a rebel is forced to leave life … like Adam and Eve was forced to leave the garden of Eden.

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