The New York Times Subtle Propaganda regarding James Bradley Miller


Oh this was so unusual to open The New York in my browser and the first thing what I saw was 2 articles about Havana, 2 about hairdresser … wait a moment … but these are only 3 articles, but one is political, the other about hair-styles and the last one of a man who was a former hairdresser and finally became a killer.

From top to bottom:
1) Kerry to Strike Careful Balance in Havana for Flag-Raising
2) Havana’s Men Embrace the Reggaeton Look
3) Before Killing, Officer Took Unusual Path to Police Work

Sounds like conspiracy.

I solved Loschmidt’s Paradox – Joseph David

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The Mystery of Consciousness

Perhaps the greatest mystery of human experience is consciousness itself. Today, the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology provide astounding insights into the electrical and chemical processes of the brain. Consequently, institutional science proposes with confidence that the brain alone creates conscious experience. Yet despite all that science has learned, the very source and essence of consciousness remains a puzzle. Thunderbolts colleague Dr. Michael Clarage shares with us his thoughts on the enduring mysteries of consciousness.

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The Banach-Tarski Paradox

The Banach–Tarski paradox is a theorem in set-theoretic geometry, which states the following: Given a solid ball in 3‑dimensional space, there exists a decomposition of the ball into a finite number of disjoint subsets, which can then be put back together in a different way to yield two identical copies of the original ball. Indeed, the reassembly process involves only moving the pieces around and rotating them, without changing their shape. However, the pieces themselves are not “solids” in the usual sense, but infinite scatterings of points. The reconstruction can work with as few as five pieces.


A stronger form of the theorem implies that given any two “reasonable” solid objects (such as a small ball and a huge ball), either one can be reassembled into the other. This is often stated informally as “a pea can be chopped up and reassembled into the Sun” and called the “pea and the Sun paradox”.

Q: “What’s an anagram of Banach-Tarski?”
A: “Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski.”

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The physical world emerges from some type of pre-physical field

The arrow paradox
It begins with contemplating about a paradoxon which is called “arrow paradox“.


In the arrow paradox, Zeno (old ancient Greek man who got a lot of time to think about this and that) states that for motion to occur, an object must change the position which it occupies. He gives an example of an arrow in flight. He states that in any one (duration-less) instant of time, the arrow is neither moving to where it is, nor to where it is not. It cannot move to where it is not, because no time elapses for it to move there; it cannot move to where it is, because it is already there. In other words, at every instant of time there is no motion occurring. If everything is motionless at every instant, and time is entirely composed of instants, then motion is impossible.

Quantum jumps and moments in time
We know that the smallest particles are behaving like a cloud of probability. At the moment of observation this cloud of probability collapses for a short time to a particle. Well, it does not really collapse to a particle, but we receive the information of it’s location, which we perceive as a location. This is the trick our mind plays with us. Matter is not really solid, but the information of it’s velocity (time), direction (vector) or it’s location (space) is stable, especially for macroscopic objects. Motion is not really fluid, but a series of considerations, moments of observation.

Probability densities for the electron of a hydrogen atom in different quantum states.

Probability densities for the electron of a hydrogen atom in different quantum states.

It’s like the information of the state of a particle unfolds during the observation and we become aware of it. Observing a particle for a extended period of time in a focused manner, will freeze it’s state and it’s evolution through time. This phenomenon has real life applications in quantum freezer, but in ancient times the vicinity of angels prevented the “wearing out of garments and sandals for 40 years in the desert“.

Consciousness is the pre-physical field
The general assumption is that our brain generates by random electro-chemical processes a state which is regarded as consciousness. This materialistic axiom leads to affirmations of the believe that no free will exist, that it is only a illusion, and therefore responsibility is refused for their actions. This paradigma makes part of the deterministic world views. Particles has a own existence, independent of an intelligent creator, isolated from consciousness.

The firing of neurons seems to be a random process, but our consciousness imprints it's order into the chaotic state.

The firing of neurons seems to be a random process, but our consciousness imprints it’s order into the chaotic state.

A new paradigm emerge which understands consciousness as a pre-physical field, which generates space and time for communication purposes, uses mathematics as universal language, reflecting it’s own self-similar character on everything which later forms a physical representation. This physical representations are part of our own nature. The chemical elements seems to reflect psychological states, as known in homeopathy (see Jan Scholten’s theory on Elements). Their order, mass, properties and so on, has not only a justifications and benefits in the physical world, but their invisible part known as morphic fields interacts with our mind. It’s like the entire universe is inside us … but this is a metaphor. Sure we are part of a greater immaterial organism and each one of us is interconnected on a immaterial and nonlocal basis.

Paradoxes and phenomenas reveals the real nature of the universe
I cannot stress enough how important it is to harmonize your scientific world view with your spiritual one. It’s requires not only a rethinking of how our universe works, but also a unlearning of tenacious ideas of materialistic origin. When one then is confronted with apparently paradoxes, the understanding reaches a big impediment, and usually most people runs towards the so called “experts” and ask them for help. The only answer they get is one based on materialistic assumptions.


But the nonlocality phenomenon in quantum physics, the entanglement phenomenon (one and the same as the nonlocality phenomenon), the quantum zeno paradox, and so on, they should lead one towards a consciousness based world view, where unity is the real healthy state and not isolation, and where a thought or a intent has a impact on the physical level of our reality. Instead so many paradoxes and phenomenas are considered taboos in mainstream science.

Good news, the “underground” science community has already adopted the new paradigm and it makes great progress, notwithstanding the lack of funds for research. The paradigm shift will not occur by any change through the company sustained researches, which have a good financial reasons to protect the old world view.

DNA as a interface and structure analogy
Our DNA is a key towards the invisible realm of memory. It reflects self-similarity, a property of consciousness. Russians scientists observed that DNA is able to imprint it’s signature in space and that this signature shifts in frequency with time, going towards higher frequencies. They discovered this by placing a DNA sample in a small chamber for measurements with a laser. The laser stimulates the DNA and it vibrates in a certain frequency with overtones, which is the signature of the DNA, the “private key“, also known by other scientists like Benveniste or Montagnier in the west. After removing the DNA from the chamber, the space continued to vibrate in the same frequency as the DNA. The frequency shift with time to higher frequencies, and eventually it could not be measured anymore because of the technological limits.


Montagnier, based on the works of Benveniste, proved that the EM signature of the DNA is able to imprint itself in water. The anomalous water properties enables it to carry the signal with it, as known in homeopathy as the carrier substance per excellence. By putting a drop of the water in a DNA polymerase solution and starting a polymerase chain reaction, a copy of the original DNA is reconstructed. It’s like the EM signatures is able to get a link towards the morphic field of the DNA and then it is recrystallized to a physical representation. Indeed this is a good scientific proof for the ability of the “field” to remember everything and it’s the base of understanding how a resurrection could be possible (in scientific terms).

Polymerase chain reaction

Polymerase chain reaction

If you have ever played with the idea to buy a quantum computer, don’t do it! First, it costs 15 million dollar and you need some extra money for the installation, maintenance and operation costs. Second, you get only one quantum computing unit for 15 million dollar. Third, the interface towards the QCU is too slow in order to reach a real advance for playing games … what else would you do with a quantum computer?

But inside yourself you have already QCUs on mass. In each cell your DNA is a fully operational quantum computer, able to perform additions, subtractions, divisions, multiplications and more. Just calculate the costs of yourself … no money of the world could be enough to pay for this super quantum computer. We are perfect. No comparisons to man made machines.

On the quantum state, even with the higher body temperature, our DNA is the interface between our consciousness. We memorize thoughts not inside the limited hardware of our brain, but thanks to this “alien technology” our brain transforms our thoughts into morphic fields and imprint them into the space fabric. We have a limitless memory capacity. You can make the maths for yourself. How much memory does it require to save one day of visual data reaching our eyes? This is a homework. Just a hint, we perceive a higher resolution than only 12k!

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It depends on your world view if things makes sense

The cosmological standard for a Christian is Genesis 1:1, that in the beginning God created heavens and earth. By acknowledging this as one’s own personal world view, the cosmology is based on spirit, mind, and everything else derives from consciousness. The origin is immaterial and matter is a construct of the mind, like a idea or a thought. So this is called the idealistic world view.


Materialism instead claims that matter is “real” in that sense, that it could exist even without a intelligent being. This means that a particle has a kind of independence on it’s own, able to exist without a consciousness which keeps it “alive“. This inherent tendency of materialism for independence and isolation is reflected by whom has this world view. All theories of materialism denies the existence of a creator and therefore scientific facts which undoubtedly proves a design in nature are just ignored. Instead the gaps which forms inside their imperfect world view are filled with “constants“, dogmas, unproved hypothesis (like big bang, dark matter and dark energy, black holes, tachyons, macroscopic evolution … ) and so on.

There are a variety of world views which seems to be in harmony with Christian faith, but they reveal to be materialistic in their core. This leads always to dualism, which is a contradiction. For example pantheism, it claims that some kind of spirit resides in each stone or plant or element, is in real a materialistic world view. It has as it’s base matter as independent entity and additionally a spirit component. Between matter and spirit is a strict distinction and this is dualism.

Idealistic monism on the other part is non-dualistic. It says that “mind is the base of everything“, which is the only scientific theory in harmony with Genesis 1:1. Think about it: Why should God create a physical universe which is absolutely independent from a conscious observer? Quantum mechanics proves that matter is affected by an observer. This does not happen just because particles communicate with each other by other obscure particles and so they adjust their behavior to the expectations of the observer. The materialistic approach only creates the necessity to explain everything with more and more layers of complicated hypothesis.


By changing one’s own world view to the idealistic one, things makes finally more sense. It then makes sense that we should be aware of our thoughts, because they affect other beings, even physical reality. For example after Adam sinned in the garden of Eden, the earth produced thorns and thistles. Many people have witnessed what a “green thumb” means, a remarkable influence of our own attitudes toward plants, which let them grow faster and even heal them. Materialists have the tendency to use swearwords when confronted with this kind of facts. Their arrogance is reflected in their attitude, in their facial expression and in their aggressiveness how they deny certain undeniable aspects of reality.

If the mind is the base of everything, then we are all interconnected, in contrast to materialism which promotes isolation of systems. Certain phenomenas, which are regarded as impossible by materialism, makes only sense with consciousness as the co-creator of reality. For example nonlocality is a anomaly for materialists. For the idealistic world view nonlocality is the norm and it makes more sense that the mind generates space for communication purposes. If scientists don’t make any progress in cosmology, then it depends on their world view. The search for the ultimate “god particle” wasted billions, which made no sense in a world where people dies of malnutrition. Such a immoral misbehavior is only possible with a materialistic world view promoting isolation and independence. The biggest discoveries was made in the mind of a scientist, in his kitchen or in his backyard, but not in a underground facility protected by armed security agents and with a budget of billion of dollars.


Nature may be very complex, but not complicated. It is not made of different layers of lies. But if scientists continue to promote the materialistic world view, they will never make a real sense of the wonders of nature.

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