Homosexuality can be cured by homeopathic treatment

Many homeopaths have reported seeing this happen to their homosexual patients, that after a treatement for a problem like a headache they reported that their former sexual orientation changed from being homosexual to healthy heterosexual.

Now homeopaths like James Tyler Kent wrote in their repertory symptoms like this one:

MIND – LOVE, ailments, from disappointed, love-sick, with one of her own sex : Calc-p., lach., nat-m., phos., plat., sulph.

How can that be that a remedy can change a sexual orientation?
It is claimed by the majority that the sexual orientation is not a perversion or a illness. So why then can a homeopathic remedy be successful in changing the orientation?

Apparently the majority is misinformed. And as history teach us, that misinformation is performed intentionally by people with a secret agenda. But it should not be too difficult to understand their motivations. At least we do not expect that politicians tells us the truth, why should we then expect the truth from people with egoistic motivations?

One motivation could be some kind of coward birth control for the earth population. China is doing this already. War is another kind of population control. And what would be easier to control the grow of a population than to implant the idea that homosexuality is natural and even “cool“. Remember the 80s movies and series? They start by introducing the funny gay dude who was harmless and was a good listener for the problems of the girls. Then in the 90s the gay was a misunderstood being and human. During the year 2000 the sexual orientation started to become a personal choice, even being “bi” was considered fancy. More and more “come outs” filled the newspapers, most time of Hollywood stars or even politicians. Now the so called Gay-Agenda even attacked aggressively the CEO of a spaghetti fabric, because he was not willing to make a commercial with two gay mens at the table instead of a “traditional family“.

We can recognize here a movement that is sponsored, promoted and pushed by coward people who has not the best interests of humanity.

One thing is for sure, humans have the right to choose to do whatever they want to do. Our free will is a gift. But we should never be ignorant of the consequences of our choices. If homosexuality would be natural, why then are homosexuals so depressed, have a shorter life span than the average heterosexuals and why are they so inclined to get heavy auto aggressive illnesses?

Human beings was not created for homosexuality. And I know, this always hits the nerve of people who claims that no God exist, but you cannot ignore the facts that the universe has a very very very high level of order and that it is indeed designed by a intelligent being. So why should we go against this order? If God’s desire is that we are happy for all eternity then we should trust him and do our best to obey his commandments. Like all physical laws in the universe, moral laws has a specific purpose.

I make a clear distinction between people with a gone wrong sexual orientation and the people who promote actively the gay agenda. Who promotes this perversion is evil and should be exposed as that. But every human being that is born with a defect in their orientation should never be treated bad, because the Bible says that we need to love our neighbor. But we do not tolerate the promotion of a perversion, as we do not tolerate the promotion of lies, intentional misinformation and the perversion of what is natural.

When the flow of life force takes the wrong direction
Our human body has invisible pathways (so called meridians) for the life force. This is known in acupuncture for thousands of years. Life force is nothing else than consciousness (awareness). We have 12 main meridians and some extra pathways which function as a reservoir of the energy. This extra meridians are called the “extraordinary meridians“.

One of this meridians is called the “Governing Vessel”. It starts from the perineum just before the anus, runs upward along the midline of back to the head and stops on inside of the upper lip. The direction of the energy flow is very important for the overall health and the mind.

If this energy would flow from the top back to the anus it would cause a blockage in the first and second chakra. When this happens during childhood it is possible that this causes a lot of problems in the sexual orientation, especially if this happens before the puberty starts. It is known that this reverted flow of the Governing Vessel could be caused by birth trauma. One reason why especially trauma remedies was successful in changing the orientation.

A change in the flow of the Governing Vessel can also be caused by perverted sexual practice like anal intercourse. Even a thick cicatrice tissue in this lower area around the anus caused by a not well done surgical intervention can disturb the flow of the life force. Not to forget drugs like ecstasy or heroin, which lowers the restraints!

Every homeopathic remedy, even acupuncture, which is applied for “secondary problems” can alter the sexual orientation, changing it to the healthy state of heterosexual.

Homeopathy can help if applied individually. There is no pill against homosexuality, but if a man or woman is aware of his unnatural state and aware that this is indeed a illness that can be cured, then homeopathy can be used to cure the trauma which lead to this state and from this point on it should be only the case of a free choice if one is willed to continue with the perversion or if one is willed to change his personality. Praying to God helps a lot!

(I guess that homeopathy cannot cure evil or ignorance … there is no remedy against such things!)

I hope I have not offended anyone. But if I have offended one of the promoters of the gay agenda, well, the truth may hurt who is willed to live in the darkness!

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Hubris or arrogance often indicates being out of touch with reality and overestimating one’s own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power. A man may have achieved something with his intellect of creativity, but he then forgets or refuse to acknowledge that his own abilities derives from a higher source.

Nikola Tesla was a genius and despite that he was humble enough to admit that the gift of mental power comes from God.
Max Planck said “both religion and natural science require a belief in God for their activities” and therefore we can put him on the list of humble scientists.

There is no need to be arrogant in order to achieve great things. It is indeed well known that arrogance has a protective function for inferiority complexes. Our society will make a quantum jump in his awareness and then we all will recognize the arrogance as what it really is. Imagine what this implies! People with a certain amount of power will loose their majesty because everyone will figure it out that their arrogance and pride is just a facade. But then they will not only figure it out, they will also stop to give them their support.

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Hydrastis and elements

Hydrastis is indexed in Jan Scholten’s book “Wonderful Plants” as 642.13.12 … a number which would tell nothing to a novice in the plant and element theory in homeopathy. To understand this relatively new theory in homeopathy reveals a huge resource everyone who wants to study consciousness and life force.

The first number 642 means

6 – lanthanide series inside the core (a independent being, adult)
4 – iron series, a worker (not involved in creative work or scientific)
2 – carbon series on the level of performance (unable to perform his work due to lack of energy)

The last two digits (12) represents the stage. In the case of Hydrastis they are on Zinc.


Zinc in homeopathy is known for the topic of “repetition“. A boring work, which has repeating components or a life where is nothing new under the sun. Automatism, like a program. And then finally burn out.

Hydrastis lacks the power to escape out of the vicious cycle of endless repetition. This remedy is used in cancer and it can help people who are stuck in a life full of routine without any creativity and a lack for spirituality. It helps when cancer is accompanied by depression and discouragement.

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Solar Neutrinos in the Electric Universe

In the 1960’s, scientists first discovered that the number of solar neutrinos detected on Earth did not fit the predictions of the standard model of the Sun. In this model, the sun is powered at its core by a thermonuclear reaction, and the production of neutrinos occurs in the Sun’s interior. In more recent years, scientists have adjusted some of their ideas about neutrinos, and news headlines have pronounced that the mystery has been resolved. But should the neutrino problem really be laid to rest? To explore this question, we asked Wal Thornhill for an overview of neutrino production in the Electric Sun model.

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The multiple deaths of the Big Bang lie

Nothing comes from nothing. A fact which cannot be denied. Now mainstream science seems to understand that many people do not believe in their lies anymore. Therefore they adjust their “theory” in order to make it sound more plausible. Their most new claim is: “Big Bang was a mirage from collapsing higher-dimensional star“.

collapsing 4 dimensional star

Read the full story here.

A higher dimensional star would be at least one with 4 dimensions.

But what do they admit now? That even life exist in higher dimensions?
They would give up their biggest taboo topic and admit higher life forms.

Why don’t they just humbly admit that God has created everything?

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How to measure Life Force?

This question was in my mind 15 years ago and it is still something which I regard as one of the most interesting questions, because it involves a better understanding of what life force actually is.

My scientific world view changed over the time and the changes was always a kind of a quantum jump. I ask myself:

When mind is fundamental, why do we need space and time and matter and all that stuff?

(Ah, I quoted myself and I am still alive!)

The answer is rather simple: Because space and time and matter and all that stuff provides us with a framework for better communication. We have more things in common, we are more united, we breath all the same air and we live on the same planet. This is more fun than just being a spiritual being. So humans are the most modern creation and more advanced in certain ways than spiritual being. Regarding the Bible, Genesis chapter 6, some of the angels was envious of human beings and they decided to take human form. They materialized as humans, which is a lower form of being regarding personal power, because a angel in his immaterial form is able to destroy entire cities, but a human in flesh and blood is very weak in comparison.

Playing football as immaterial beings is no fun!

But to eat and taste and smell the creation of Jehovah is great. It makes us feel so good. It’s a more advanced state of being than the immaterial one. Yes, a angel is immaterial and can jump here and there with his consciousness all over the universe, watching humans day and night, knowing things for which some scientists would love to die in order to know, … imagine what this means, to know other planets, other galaxies, to have lived for billions of years … but the angels mentioned in chapter 6 of Genesis was envious of us and the was ready to give up all their power just to have the pleasure of being humans made of flesh.

Naturally we live now under the cruel consequences of the original sin and we grow old, get ill and die. Therefore we ask ourselves what it would be like if we would be perfect and have abundance of life force?

So the big question is: WHAT IS LIFE FORCE?

When mind is the ground of all being, then life force is a integral aspect of consciousness.

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.
(Max Planck)

It seems that consciousness is a kind of stream. It flows and it behaves in a certain way which reveals patterns. We can observe this patterns. One of them is the vortex.
Life force is not really a physical force. Let us not forget that consciousness is not physical, but the physical universe has it’s origin from a mind, from our creator. So don’t expect to find somewhere a physical force which can be labeled as “life force“. It’s not a radiation of some kind, like alpha or beta or gamma rays. It cannot be labeled with a Greek alphabetic letter.

I cannot stress it enough, that YOUR world view forms your scientific understanding. If you have a materialistic world view, then you will reduce everything on particles. Light is made of particles, matter is made of particles, yes even for gravity you will search a explanation which involves some kind of particle. Even if you regard yourself as super-open-minded, a new-age-junkie, a quantumnaut-hippie, but your world view is still based on a very thin materialistic layer (a residuum of an old world view), then you will always tend to find your answers in a particle like the so called “tachyons“. It’s time to update your world view. Else you can forget it to find a answer.

Also dualism and pantheism are other forms of materialism. There is no “subtle energy” (in German it is called “Feinstofflichkeit“) between energy and matter, between atoms, or a ether. And pantheism is nothing else than materialism too. It assumes that every rock and stone has a spirit, but it does not regard the mind as fundamental. In fiction like the Star Wars movies the universe is based on pantheism and you guess what, this movies molds the world views of young scientists, because there is a motivation behind every world view.

Materialists desires isolation. They claim that our universe is a closed system. They feel themselves enclosed in a self-sustaining system, which has a beginning and a end and no hope and no responsibility. All other variations like pantheism are just little patches of the world view. But it always ends in nihilism.

Enough of paradigm theory for now and back to the life force issue.

If life force is not a kind of radiation and not a kind of energy, then how can we measure it?

Let me ask first this question: How does life force manifest in our physical realm?

I’ve mentioned it before, a pattern, the vortex. It’s the most common pattern in our universe. From galaxies to the atom, vortex patterns are everywhere. A vortex is based on the Fibonacci number sequence and on the golden ratio, phi. It has a relation with eternity. A vortex is nothing else than a fractal, self-similar. And now in order to give you another evidence for the claims made, that mind is fundamental and life force is a integral aspect of consciousness, the self-similarity and the fractal behavior and the relation with eternity is something which is also part of consciousness itself. Do you now get a feeling of a AHA-effect?

I’m sure it’s a difficult switch from materialistic world view towards a idealistic one. It’s a quantum jump! Nothing less. It requires a lot of energy and it does not happen by pure chance. You need to meditate about it, about it implications. If you already have a idealistic world view then maybe you need just a little adjustments here and there. (We all need this kind of adjustments!)

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.
(Max Planck)

He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
(Ecclesiastes 3:11)

The last quote of Max Planck remembers me of what Robert Lanza has written about his Biocentrism theory. It is very similar what the Bible says about our inner desire to acquire knowledge for all eternity. We live inside a framework which allows us to have great pleasure in discovering all the surprises embedded in the creation of God, but we will never reach the destination of knowing everything. This sounds to me like eternal bliss. A real gift from our father.

Consciousness is order and the source of energy
One of my first posts in this blog was about the source of energy itself. Energy is a potential, a kind of order. Life force is the most high order that exist. If you would be a astronaut exploring other planets, let’s say you would fly to Mars and land there, and then find a array of stones in the desert of Mars which are ordered in a special way, you would never think that this could happen by pure chance. We always relate order with a intelligence. But materialists denies this fact, because they desires a isolation from the creator (Roman 1:20).

We always relate order with a intelligence.

Now life force is like a field, a potential, which exhibits not kinetic or thermal or any other kind of physical force, but it has a influence on random processes and it is very similar to Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields. Indeed Sheldrake wrote that morphic fields do not break the law of energy conservation.

One extreme form of random process is the movement of water molecules. Imagine that you see how the Red Sea divides and a dry ground appears where you could walk to the other side and the waters would stay still on both sides like walls. On a molecular level a higher source of life force would change the random process dramatically in order that the H2O molecules would move towards one extreme and remain there, and all this without breaking the laws of energy conservation. Only a materialist would not believe in divine intervention and for this reason the Egyptian army lost their life (Exodus 14).

Therefore in order to measure life force, we need to search for evidence of order, something which alters random processes.

Life force alters random processes
Radioactive decay is very random, indeed radioactivity is the absence of order and consciousness. All radioactive elements are at the end of the chemical table, where order becomes less and the elements more heavier. Nuclear weapons are one of the most terrific things scientists has done to humanity. A criminal act for which they should be ashamed.

Interesting fact is, consciousness alters the process of the natural radioactive decay and forms order in the output. Consciousness does not stop radioactivity, at least not human ones, but the random numbers sequences produced by radioactive decay is altered by consciousness in such a odd way that a order is produced against any pure chance. Dean Radin and his friends has made a groundbreaking work in this field. They have discovered that all humans together triggers ordered outputs of this RNG-devices distributed world wide, when a dramatic event happens and all people are involved emotionally. It seems that our collective consciousness reacts towards threats by creating coherence, which on the other hand influences random outputs making them less random.

Less random means more order, which means more consciousness, which means more life force. So our collective consciousness responses to life threatening events with a huge release of life force and this can be measured with RNG-devices. Does this happen for individual persons too?

My own personal experiments provided a lot of evidence and Dean Radin has written a whole book about this matter, providing so much evidence that should convince every hardcore skeptic … but we know, that a materialist is a materialist is a materialist. You can never convince a materialist with facts. They are professional ignorants of the truth.

Truth never triumphs, its opponents just die out.
Science advances one funeral at a time.
(Max Planck)

In my “laboratory” (my home) I don’t use RNGs based on radioactive decay. They work purely on electronic noises. The output is transformed in digital one and zeros (bits), which are read as bytes (collections of 8 bits). They can be interpreted as numbers. For the purpose of creating a good balanced random output, I developed a program which analyze the sequence of numbers by evaluating if the preceding number was bigger or smaller than the next number. By doing this it is assured that a unbalanced random output of bits delivers a true random output of “bigger and smaller” ones. This trick is used by the Global Consciousness Project too. Other true RNGs devices uses quantum mechanics, photon splitters, and are very expensive. But they are used for encryption and not for psi-experiments and maybe this expensive devices cannot be used for psi, because they have a software which makes corrections from deviations.

Other random processes are crystallization. The precursor of a crystal nucleus is formed by a cluster of molecules during a random process. Thermal energy contributes to the randomness. Protein crystallization is even more random. But at some point in time the process of crystallization seems to require less time. It is like the structure learns how to perform the crystallization more effectively and requires less time (beware of pantheism! This process has nothing to do with subtle forms of materialism). Rupert Sheldrake investigated historical literature about crystallization of Aspirin and he discovered that this new structure, which is man made and does not exist in a natural form in nature, was in the past rather difficult to crystallize, but then it became easier and easier.

Rupert Sheldrake also wrote that physical laws behaves like are more like habits, which points against in favor to a idealistic world view. He doesn’t stand alone with this opinion. Max Planck said something very similar:

We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up to now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.
(Max Planck)

Now I know that many people who believes in God have a world view of static physical laws, but this kind of world viewed was shaped by the Catholic Church and their motivation was to assure their power over the simple folks. But if your world view is idealistic and you regard mind as fundamental, then you will recognize that only immaterial principles are eternal.

Only immaterial principles are eternal!

Physical laws have the only purpose to ensure the communication inside this framework. The true nature of everything is mind and not matter. So if God would decide to ensure that his will is done, he could even alter physical laws and no man could hinder to do that!

Indeed, great scientists like Rupert Sheldrake already discovered that physical laws changed, even during his lifetime. Robert Lanza, another scientist who have done groundbreaking works, wrote that it is consciousness which forms this laws in order to ensure life in this universe. So this is not in contrast to our faith in a eternal father in heaven who has created everything (Genesis 1:1).

For example the speed of light c changed, it dropped. And because the meter is defined by the speed of light nobody knows the difference.
Gravitation also changes. And this is in harmony with the Electric Universe Theory, which is another threat to the dogmatic cosmology lobby of our time.

Could therefore life force alter even physical laws?
Remember that life force is just another aspect of consciousness and mind is the ground of being.

If a random process outputs a ordered sequence, then we cannot assume a alteration of physical laws. Nobody has tuned here reality. This makes part of the “current” laws of physics which enables our mind to order random processes inside our brain. Stuart Hamerhoff has made extensive research of how consciousness influences random processes inside nerve cells, especially how microtubules enables the mind to collapse wavefunction at will. Free will has it’s source on a immaterial level. So we perform PSI all the time inside our brain.

Life force slows down entropy
Entropy is a kind of random process. Order in form of a potential is released and energy is transformed into another form of energy. Life force is able to restore order or at least to slow down the decay of it. And this can be measured.

Capacitor discharge

For example static electricity inside a capacitor discharge over time. If life force influences the discharge, we can assume that it would slow down the process of discharge. The method is rather simple: Measure the voltage and wait 10ms, then measure again and calculate the percentage of loss. Display the percentage value on a graph with Voltage for y and time for x. But be aware that at the end of the discharge process the loss of static electricity is of a lower rate, because the curve levels out with lower charge.

Life greatly depends on order
(What Is Life? by physicist Erwin Schrödinger)

In a future post I will show you how to build a experimental measurement device using the discharge rate of a capacitor.

How life force cannot be measured
There is intellectual cruelty on the internet that will cause you headache. On youtube you can find quacks who sell pendants with a vortex paint on it, claiming that this talisman absorbs energy from the universe. Oh please downvote them!

Or there are people who sells a frequency counter as a life force measurement apparatus for thousands of dollars, despite the fact that you can get one of them for 11 dollar on ebay. Life force is not a form of radiation, remember!? The (only) motivation behind all this quacks is to make money. Perhaps they even believe their own delusion. But I cannot imagine that they are real happy people.

If you make your research on the internet questions the real motivation of who publish a video or a article. Go deeper into their sites, blogs, watch the other videos and see for yourself if they do not claim exceptional things just for the sake of selling their junk. A good scientific documentation is not done by holding a shaky camera with the left foot. Most time they hide their results, expecting that some naive skip the part of verify their claims and just buy the 1100 dollar junk frequency counter. Poor one who falls in such a trap.

And regarding the famous “dowsing technique” or the so called “Bovis scale“, this is not accepted by scientific community, even if they are really open minded. All kinds of radionics apparatus are empty inside. There are few with orgonite inside (Intel inside … yeah I know), but the switches and buttons goes nowhere. They are build as if they are technical machines, in order to mimic a function. Please do yourself a favor and double-check the foundation of their claims.

Life force is one of the most interesting and yet difficult to understand phenomenons. It require to change a world view in order to understand it. And if just a little part of your world view remains attached to the materialistic one, this will lead you to an dead end.

I believe that it can be measured, not directly, but the secondary effect is measurable. And it is easy to fall into a delusion if one use a frequency counter or such similar devices. Double-check your values and your experiments.

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