An Alien Sky – What moved the planets so near to the earth?

How can planets go from a close-Earth orbit to their current stable distant orbits in just a few thousand years? What moved them?
Gravity is much more dynamical in Electric Universe Theory, because it is the result of a electric current. Wal Thornhill believes that gravity will have a tendency to naturaly stabalize orbits like how plasma haves the abilitity to stabilize itself. A system haves a much easier time to actualy adopt rougue celestial boddies passing by. These adoptation events are comonly used in astronomy today, but what they do not mention is how it is extremely improbable, due to how dumbed down gravity is in popular theory.

According to the Expanding Earth Theory planets were smaller and so was the sun and the “orbits” were closer. When the sun changed, the orbits were moved. It’s an ongoing process that slows with time. And dinosaurs had to weak bone structures to live nowdays, because the strength of gravity would be far strong. So what have changed the orbit of the planets has changed also the size of them.

The Bible account in Genesis 7:11 it says:

In the 600th year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the 17th day of the month, on that day all the springs of the vast watery deep burst open and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.

A friend of mine asked me this question: “Why did God destroy the wicked humanity by using a devastating method like the Global Flood? Could he not just employ some angels to remove wickedness from the surface of the earth and spare the life of the animals and Noah’s family?
This was a very good question indeed. The situation at Noah’s days was absolutely hostile towards God’s worshiper. How could the Messiah be born in such a hostile environment, when even daemons and their offspring ruled the world? God’s tactic seemed to point towards a long-term solution, making the earth inhabitable for demons, in order that they could never again materialize themselves on this planet. This means in a electric universe a new condition of the planets frequency and a reconfiguration of the planets orbits, but it means also a very negative effect to the maximum life span of humans.

The Electric Universe Theory is adding more and more pieces of the puzzles to the whole picture. And I hope that more interesting questions are asked.

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Marcel Vogel and his scientific work

Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917–1991) was a research scientist working at the IBM San Jose Research Center for 27 years. He is sometimes referred to as Dr. Vogel, although this title was based on an honorary degree, not a Ph.D.. Later in his career, he became interested in various theories of quartz crystals and fields of study. The Vogel Crystal type cut was created by him.


It is claimed that Vogel started his research into luminescence while he was still in his teens. This research eventually led him to publish his thesis, Luminescence in Liquids and Solids and Their Practical Application, in collaboration with University of Chicago’s Dr. Peter Pringsheim in 1943.

Two years after the publication, Vogel incorporated his own company, Vogel Luminescence, in San Francisco. For the next decade the firm developed a variety of new products: fluorescent crayons, tags for insecticides, a black light inspection kit to determine the secret trackways of rodents in cellars from their urine and the psychedelic colors popular in “new age” posters. In 1957, Vogel Luminescence was sold to Ultra Violet Products and Vogel joined IBM as a full-time research scientist. He retired from IBM in 1984.

He received 32 patents for his inventions up through his tenure at IBM. Among these was the magnetic coating for the 24” hard disk drive systems still in use. His areas of expertise, besides luminescence, were phosphor technology, magnetics and liquid crystal systems.

At Vogel’s February 14, 1991 funeral, IBM researcher and Sacramento, California physician Bernard McGinity, M.D. said of him, “He made his mark because of the brilliance of his mind, his prolific ideas, and his seemingly limitless creativity.”

Vogel Cut
He also designed the Vogel Crystal Cut, which allegedly focuses “universal life force” by concentrating it and transforming it to a higher level or vibration. Vogel crystals are said to be cut to the extremely precise angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes and 51 seconds, which is also claimed as the precise angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Love is the glue that integrates the universe, and all healing is just a result of a projection of love.

Communication between plants
Vogel claimed to be able to duplicate the “Backster effect” using plants as transducers for bio-energetic fields from the human mind, showing that they respond to human thought. He claimed his findings had the same effect irrespective of distance and suggested that “inverse square law does not apply to thought“. Vogel was a proponent of research into plant consciousness. He spurred fellow researcher Randall Fontes into furthering this work. Vogel was featured in the first episode of In Search Of… hosted by Leonard Nimoy, called “Other Voices“. He gave his theories regarding the possibility of communication between plants.

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There is no such thing as locality

Action at a distance and nonlocality appears to be spooky and supernatural. But indeed locality is not normal at all. Look at how the atom is composed: A nucleus and some electrons flying around the orbit … eehhhm, nope, this is the old school model for kids and a very materialistic one. Electrons are considered in quantum mechanics as a cloud of probabilities and the nucleus too. They are not here on the specific x,y,z coordinates, even if we observe them. During a measurement in laboratory we can determine only the reaction the atom has at a certain time moment on a specific coordinate, but after this observation we don’t know where the atom is. This would require another observation or measurement of it’s supposed location.

Magnetism too is a action at a distance, like gravity, which occurs on macroscopic scale. So why do (we) most people regard locality as normal? This is because of our way we perceive reality and I’m sure that it is colored by our world view. By changing the world view from materialism to idealism, mind as the ground of being, then locality becomes something exotic and strange. This is not a little step and very difficult to achieve.

Some philosophical thought experiments exist on locality, like the Zeno paradox. You should consider them to study, especially the quantum zeno paradox, which helps to understand that locality is just a illusion generated by our mind.

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The tip of the tongue is a collective phenomenon

The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon (TOT), sometimes called presque vu, is the failure to retrieve a word from memory, combined with partial recall and the feeling that retrieval is imminent. The phenomenon’s name comes from the saying, “It’s on the tip of my tongue.”

I made this observation, that whenever it occurs most people in my vicinity also have the same tip-of-the-tongue problem, unable to access the word from memory. It’s seems to be a collective phenomenon and not just a problem of one individual.

When someone new joins the conversation the word reappears again in the mind.

Maybe you could observe this too next time when the phenomenon happens.

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A consciousness creates a universe

The science of the invisible realm of spirit, from which matter derives, space and time, is called metaphysics.

How would it be like if a mind of a spiritual person creates another person? Would the new person be disconnected from the original consciousness, or would it be a part of the whole?

The video tries to explain a simple principle.

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The most interesting interview

You mix two elements together and what you get is very explosive and dangerous. I mean, in chemistry this works very well, maybe too well …

I would love to listen to a interview with a special combination of scientists and thinkers who could break the neck of the materialistic paradigm.

The dream team would be:

Rupert Sheldrake,
for his Morphic Resonance theory and his understanding that thoughts creates a field and this fields influences the collective consciousness
Wal Thornhill and Donald Scott,
for their understanding of how electricity is the main force in the universe, interconnects everything and how cosmology influences all the other sciences
Dean Radin,
his experiments of “mind over matter” delivered a proof that random processes get ordered by a observer and for his understanding of a global mind
Bernardo Kastrup
nobody else can it explain better that the mind is the base of everything (idealism)
Amit Goswami
from the point of view of quantum mechanics he understood that mind is essential and the ground of being
Marko Rodin
because he is a smart guy and … he is a smart guy!
Luc Antoine Montagnier
he is not afraid of the mainstream and proved with many experiments that water has a memory
Jan Scholten
one of the biggest researcher in the field of homeopathy. He understands how the mind is related to the creation

The interviewer could ask questions like:

– What do you think is the main reason for the huge resistance for a paradigm shift and for the dogmatic materialism in this world?
– When did you understand that something is wrong with mainstream science?
– Who is your greatest hero in science?
– What would you change in the school system?
– How could you all collaborate?
– What would you propose for experiments?
– Which books would you recommend?
– How did your world view change and how did this affect your life-style and your way of thinking?

I hope that this could be realized as soon as possible.

Donald Scott: Modeling Birkeland Currents, Part 2 | EU Workshop

Dr. Donald Scott, author of The Electric Sky, made two major presentations at the EU Workshop, Nov 14-16, 2014, in Phoenix, Arizona. The first detailed how “polar configurations” are formed in space. Lacking familiarity with electrical phenomena in plasma, astronomers typically list these Herbig-Haro objects as “poorly understood.” Don’s second talk, shown here, illustrated the relationship between Birkeland Currents and counter-rotating shells, to show how they form such polar phenomena as Earth’s cylindrical auroral sheets and Saturn’s north polar “hurricane.”

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Is Atheism a religious cult?

Whenever you confront a atheist with the undeniable facts of science and they got into a dead-end with their argumentation, they tell you the truth:”I just want to do what I want to do! Everybody should decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong!“. I have heard this phrase very often now and it’s a typical reaction of most self proclaimed atheists. At least they admit, that they are wrong with their scientific-world-view and that they used it as a pretense for their personal point of view.

Is this a valid excuse for their actions?

(Roman 1:20-23)

Now regarding the statement “Everybody should decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong!“, is this not a egoistic point of view? Maybe a life without rules is possible for 100 years, but eternal life is impossible without eternal principles.

Atheists waste their time in search of excuses instead of a true search for the truth and they suffer a lack of energy because of their cognitive dissonance.

Who said that a axiom is fixed for all eternity? In science a axiom is replaced by another if it contradicts the experience and the experiments done. One axiom in the mainstream science is that life originated by pure chance, by a evolutionary process. With other simple words: Order out of chaos. When you confront a atheists with facts, they answer: “I have not seen that something got into existence out of nothing yet, but I’m sure this occurred in the past with the universe at the time of the Big Bang.” … They just don’t know.

An axiom or postulate is a premise or starting point of reasoning. It is not proven fact. But that something cannot derive from nothing is proven fact and therefore a truth. It’s absolutely illogical to claim that something like that is possible. Also the multi-universe hypothesis which claims that for every decision a copy of our universe is created is not logical. Energy does not double itself, does not copy itself.

Atheism is a religion, no doubt. They requires from their adepts to believe their dogma and never question their claims. So this is a huge war of false religion what is going on.

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Wal Thornhill – An Electric Cosmology for the 21st Century – EU Workshop

Cosmology is the “Queen of Science”
Cosmology is defined as the study of the origin, history, structure and dynamics of the universe. As such it provides a global context for both our science and culture so that cosmology is sometimes called ‘the Queen of the Sciences’

The Big Bang never happened
But despite the media hoopla, there is no real cosmology at the beginning of the 21st century.

Plasma Cosmology
– Recognized by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
– Based on the work of several Nobel Prize winners and nominees over the last century
– Many successful predictions
– ignored by astronomers!


A Dark Age of Cosmology
– In 43 historical entries on cosmology in Wikipedia, plasma is mentioned in only one!
– Modern entries focus on “creation of matter,” unreal geometries, invisible (dark) matter and mysterious “dark energy”
– It has nothing to say about life in the universe — it’s all accidental


Einstein’s Flawed Legacy
– Science took a wrong turn in the 1920s and 30s
– “Everyone who takes relativity seriously …believes in the reality of at least one direction in which one cannot point.” — Don L. Hotson
– E = mc2 is the best known and most misunderstood equation in science, showing that mass and electromagnetic energy are directly related
– But mystification resulted when the earlier concept that related mass to “quantity of matter” was unconsciously substituted
– Einstein bequeathed us a disconnected, incoherent universe that cannot function or give rise to life.

Mathematics is not equal Physics
– Mathematics may describe observed behavior but it cannot explain it. Having mathematical laws of physics does not equate with understanding of those laws
– Unless the physicist can explain the meaning of each symbol on the board in real physical terms and in plain language, the equations have no real meaning

Modern Physics is Useless for Cosmology
– Modern physics has NO concept of how matter manifests mass
– It has no physical explanation of gravity
– it insists that light can be a particle or a wave
– And that em waves can travel in total vacuum
– Quantum theory is “not even physics”
– Particle physics is “not even wrong”

Michael Faraday
Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-18 um 15.03.12

The long and constant persuasion that all the forces of nature are mutually dependent, having one common origin, or rather being different manifestations of one fundamental power, has often made me think on the possibility of establishing, by experiment, a connection between gravity and electricity … no terms could exaggerate the value of the relation they would establish.

—Michae| Faraday, 1850.

Sir Oliver Lodge
Sir Oliver Lodge

..what is really wanted for a truly Natural Philosophy is a supplement to Newtonian mechanics, expressed in terms of the medium which he suspected and sought after but could not attain, and introducing the additional facts, chiefly electrical – especially the fact of variable inertia – discovered since his time…

—Nature, Feb 17, 1921

Matter and Mass
– Mass is a measure of the ease of electrically deforming a particle
– The energy stored within a particle is electromagnetic
– Large particles are easier to deform and so appear more massive
– The neutrino has almost no mass – it is the most collapsed form of matter

Real meaning of E=mc2
– Energy, mass and the speed of light are all properties of matter
– Electromagnetic energy is stored in the orbital structure of subatomic particles and manifests as their mass
– The mass of a particle is a measure of how much energy is absorbed in orbital deformation of a particle instead of its acceleration
– Energy requires the presence of matter. There is no such thing as “pure energy
– Electromagnetic radiation requires the presence of matter — the aether. There is no ‘total vacuum’ anywhere
– The speed of light is a measure of the inertial response of orbiting matter to an instantaneous external electric force. It is characteristic of the material medium
– An ‘instantaneous’ electrical connection implies a universal time

… therefore …

– The neutrino has almost no mass because it is the most collapsed and least interactive form of matter
– A plenum of neutrinos forms the universal aether. It is the medium that transmits a transverse electromagnetic wave in ‘empty’ space
– A light wave spins successive neutrino dipoles. So the speed of light in a ‘vacuum’ is related to the rotational inertia of a neutrino
– Anti-matter is a misnomer since matter cannot be destroyed. Matter and its electrical “mirror” combine to form a neutrino and radiate most of their combined orbital energy in the process
– A neutrino may accept electromagnetic energy resonantly to separate into its component particle and “mirror” particle

… and …

– The bending of starlight by the Sun is due to refraction in an extended ‘atmosphere’ of weakly gravitationally bound neutrinos
– Neutrinos may reintroduce cause and effect to radioactive decay
– Quantum effects are due to the resonant substructure of subatomic particles
– So called “spooky, non-local” quantum effects are due to instantaneous resonant transfer of information between subatomic particles via the longitudinal electric force

… finally …

– Coherence at all scales requires a near-infinite speed electrical interaction
– The local universe is ‘connected’ in real time by the electric force, the most obvious manifestation being gravity
– Information is held in matter resonances
– Living systems make use of information held in matter resonances in real time

Big G is Constant?
– Big G has the peculiar dimensions of length cubed, divided by mass and by time squared ([L]3/[M][T]2)
– dimensional constants like big G should not appear in the laws of physics
– If mass is an electrical variable, big G cannot be constant (as observed)

structure of the sun

– Stellar and planetary structure and composition are derived based upon the erroneous conviction that big G is a universal constant!

What Causes Gravity?
– Radially oriented electrostatic dipoles are formed by most atoms inside the Earth with the inner pole positive and the outer pole negative
– The electric field within the atom distorts the subatomic particles to also form tiny electric dipoles
– It is the sum of all the aligned subatomic dipoles that produces the weak force of gravity

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-18 um 15.26.03

Charged Planets
Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-18 um 15.27.07

– Gravitationally induced dipoles set up an internal electric field – the planet becomes an ‘e|ectret
– Like a subatomic particle under the stress of an accelerator — the internal electrical stress sets the apparent mass of the planet
– the extreme weakness of gravity (10-39 the electrostatic force) is due to the minute distortion of subatomic particles in a gravitational field

Catastrophism’s Massive Problem
– Velikovsky’s suggestion of an electromagnetic model of the solar system fails because the planets and the Sun are effectively electrostatically shielded from each other
– But if mass is a variable, can it explain cosmic billiards?
– Crucially, electric currents may flow through conductive plasma between planets
– It is here that the EU model meshes with the plasma universe

Electric Sun Confirmed
– NASA’s IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) spacecraft found a bright, winding ribbon of ENA’s of unknown origin
– The Sun’s Z-pinch is aligned with the local galactic magnetic field
– The ENA’s come from solar wind ions meeting the Z-pinch current cylinder
– Evidence of the particle accelerating polar double layers is arriving

Order out of Chaos?
– Each planet is a small cathode in the solar discharge with a cometary plasma sheath
– There is an intermittent circuit for transferring charge from the inner planet to the outer when they are aligned with the Sun
– If the charge transfer is in the correct sense it will induce the planets to move apart into orbits having electrical ‘least interaction’
– Quickly, it will appear as though the system operates according to Newton’s laws, with no sign of recent instability
– Venus as an archetypal comet now has the most circular orbit of any planet

Halton (Chip) Arp
Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-18 um 15.38.03

– Discovered redshift does not signify the speed of recession!
– The universe did not begin with a bang!
– Found redshift is mainly a measure of the youthfulness of an object
– Quasars are associated with nearby galaxies
– Found quantum redshift effects on a galactic scale!

Quasar Mass Gain
– A quasar is formed by ejection from the plasmoid at the centre of an active parent galaxy
– Neutrons and protons escape first to be followed by a jet of electrons
– As the electrons reach the quasar, charge polarization increases
– The quasar increases in mass and brightness and slows down to become a companion galaxy

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