What Plants Talk About

When we think about plants, we don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. The University of Alberta professor maintains that plants do behave and lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives. What Plants Talk About teaches us all that plants are smarter and much more interactive than we thought!

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The Intelligence of Plants

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The Riddle of Consciousness

In my view biology is even more fundamental than physics!
Menas Kafatos

Eminent physicist and author Menas Kafatos discusses “The Riddle of Consciousness.” How do we know that what we see and experience is reality?* How do we explain consciousness in the current scientific paradigm? Kafatos is joined by Deepak Chopra to explore these fascinating questions.

Watch Part [2]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDoHku…
Watch Part [3]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zvJvb…

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Fibonacci, Homeopathy and the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

Fibonacci projected on the chemical elements

Fibonacci numbers define key points in human aging, and not only that. It seems to be everywhere, in space and time, on macroscopic scale and on atomic scale. Playing around with the Fibonacci sequence I wondered what would it look like if it is projected on the periodic table of chemical elements, and see for yourself, … it almost represents perfectly the insights of Jan Scholten‘s theory of homeopathy and elements.

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Magnetic Waves Cannot Accelerate Solar Wind

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The Biggest Error Ever Made in the Name of Science

Mistaking the _image_ of a process for the _cause_ of the process is the biggest error ever made in the name of science. This video shows how this error has gripped Western thinking when it comes to the relationship between mind and brain. It also shows how reality is much simpler than the contrived worldview derived from the error. The video is an excerpt from Bernardo’s Science and Non-Duality (SAND) Europe 2013 presentation.

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Prototype of a Nonlocal Immaterial Computer

In a universe which seems to be physical, but it’s based on mind rather than matter, nonlocality is the natural state of all subject before they become objects. Without a relation in space between different objects, the only thing which remains for a thoughtform created in near future is only it’s relation to time.

It’s the year 24 of the New World. The last 20 years we cleaned up our planet from the pollution of the old wicked system. For everyone of us it was like to experience the old 70s and 80s, a time like a golden era. Without the bad influence of old world and it’s spirit we was finally able to breath “fresh air”. I cannot describe how it is to live here in a time of rebuilding a new society, new science, new art and have real peace and security. Our mind is now so free from every kind of fear and worry, that we reached a new level of awareness and higher focus.

Some of my old friends told me that this particular time remembered them of the 1980s because of the fact that they have to rebuild and relearn computer technology. In order to print the “new scrolls” and additional literature we used computers we’ve found in the ruins of the old cities. But this technology could not last forever, because the silicon chips wears at atomic level and we have now no industry anymore which could produce new ones. It was exciting to throw away all the old operating systems and to develop from scratch operating systems and software which was free from every kind of security layers, because in a world without crime there was no need for such things. Therefore our software was 10 times faster and much more stable. With a mind freed from all that ballast programming became a real pleasure.

But the problem remained. We needed a alternative to the silicon chip, something which could last longer than 20 years. We solved the problem temporarily by lowering the voltage and running the CPU slower, because time was no problem anymore in the new world. Even if they would last say for 100 years or even longer, eternity is much longer than that. So how could we solve the problem without to rebuild a industry, when we even have abandoned the very idea of it?

I was swimming in the lake near our house as I suddenly remembered a idea I got in the old world. Let’s build a immaterial computer.

Our world view changed a lot during only two decades. All brother and sisters who got big interest in science agreed that it is the mind what is real and fundamental. Therefore everything is based on immaterial and nonlocal entities, thoughts, memories. We generate time and space as a framework for communication. Time makes only sense to us because there are states which are in themselves not complete, tending towards completeness, and their probability for a change is higher than zero. And space is the spatial relation between objects which makes only sense inside this framework. Without particles there would be no space and time flows only if there are states which are not complete. We began to understand how the mind forms the physical world.

How could I create just one immaterial switch, like a transistor, but not made of atoms of any kind, just a immaterial “Ding” which persist in time only and with a interface connected to the space?

A immaterial computer would not require maintenance or a power supply, but how could we build one?

I found the solution in pure mathematics and how mathematics related to our mind. For example a computer needs a crystal oscillator for generating the high and lows of a frequency. Without it no calculation operation can be done. Our mind follows numeric sequences as long as they make a sense. For example when I write on a piece of paper the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 … our mind would complete the sequence by adding … 7 8 9 10 11 … but only as long as it’s principle is understood. Let’s say I would create a immaterial oscillator in my mind with a simple number sequence as 1 2 3 the oscillator would stop to work after a millisecond, because it is too simple. So it would require a higher complexity. I thought of a fractal puzzle, something which would add more and more complexity if required and so never stop to generate the frequency for our immaterial CPU.

After some years the first oscillator was started and it could be accessed by our mind. Other people could access it too, but their “counter” initialized with zero. Then it was obvious that the interface already existed. Our DNA was such a interface which could access immaterial databases and perform calculations on quantum level. From this day on a new era in computing started. We found a way to “upload” software through our DNA to the immaterial computer and after the tasks was calculated in no time they returned again through our DNA in form of probability fields which was deciphered by special interface technology at nanoscale. The interface to a monitor for example was build through bacteria which received the task to build up nanostructures for emitting light. Our first prototype of flat screen build by bacteria required 3 years to “grow”. After that we had a monitor with a resolution higher than 10K and it could recharge it’s own batteries through solar cells which was build also by the bacteria.

What sounds like science fiction may become one day reality, as most part of science fiction technology became reality in our time.

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Social amnesia

Social amnesia is a collective forgetting by a group of people. The concept is often cited in relation to Russell Jacoby’s scholarship from the 1970s. Social amnesia can be a result of “forcible repression” of memories, ignorance, changing circumstances, or the forgetting that comes from changing interests. Protest, folklore, “local memory“, and collective nostalgia are counter forces that combat social amnesia.

Social amnesia is a subject of discussion in psychology and among some political activists. In the U.S., social amnesia has been said to reflect “the tendency of American penology to ignore history and precedent when responding to the present or informing the future… discarded ideas are repackaged; meanwhile, the expectations for these practices remain the same.

Fits of social amnesia after difficult or trying periods can sometimes cover up the past, and fading memories can actually make mythologies transcend by keeping them “impervious to challenge“.

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The Simplicity of Truth

There are people obsessed with the occult. They create new layers of reality and put them on the top of the fundamental truth. Doing this they hide the simple truth and societies based on lies and illusions. In their world they need to put constantly energy, time and money for maintaining their virtual reality. Because they are not honest to themselves and other people, they get no sleep and are full of shame.

Instead how wonderful is a life based on truth. You can just tell others the truth, without shame, without sleepless nights.

Keeper of secrets, like the Thuja occidentalis personality well known by homeopaths, suffers under a particular symptom known as “fixed idea”. They believe that they can move objects with their minds. Well, I’m open minded and there is indeed evidence that this is possible on microscopic level, on quantum level. But why should one become obsessed with performing telekineses in order to move a glass on a table if one can just use his brain to give a command to his arm and hand and move the glass in classic way? The “fixed idea” is a obsession. It’s the unwillingness of admitting that one is wrong, that a lie is not truth, that nothing can come out of nothing, that humanity cannot govern itself, that we are not gods.

Simplicity is a integral part of truth. It’s logic. Reasonable. Easy to understand. Easy to communicate. Easy to remember. Easy to apply.

1 + 1 = 2

Like mathematics, it is very simple. But truth is not superficial. It’s implication can keep a man busy for all eternity.

Recently I’ve watched some movies and I was very amused of the desperate attempt of some leaders to embed their coward agenda with predictive programming techniques into this movies. They have done this since 1975 and since then you can recognize how much their desperation grows. They just cannot tell you the truth, because their ashamed of their believes. Instead who believes in the Kingdom of God can go with one’s head raised from house to house and tell them the Good News. Do you recognize how desperate this world is? And how much more desperate their leaders are? They fail like their lies in front of a simple evaluation against the truth.

We don’t need this system. It’s old and it does not work. Every new attempt to restart the engine will produce even more certainty about it’s failure. They print money, create things out of nothing and expect that the value of this money will keep it’s value … oh wait, what value, it have no value at all. Does it make sense to you now? When the Kingdom of God will begin to reign on earth, awareness will be raised on global scale, not only for people who are disposed to accept the truth, but also for everyone else. The truth may be hold back for a certain time, it may be kept secret in the dark, but suddenly it will be released and it jumps from one brain to the other, without that anyone can hinder the disintegration of this system.

Truth is so simple and so easy. Thanks God that we know the truth. And you should accept it now, because when the great tribulations starts and you are still part of this world, it will break your neck.

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