Local Space – Nonlocal Time

Space is local.
Time is nonlocal.

Space contains energy and matter.
Time contains probability and potential.

Space can be observed directly, it contains structure. Inside it particles have a direction, a vector, a position (x,y,z) and a relation towards other particles regarding energy and physical attraction or repulsion.

Time cannot be observed directly, only it’s effects on space, structure and matter. Time cannot contain particles, but it contains probability, potential and a relation towards other particles regarding information and communication.

Music is in between them. It is potential in time, structure in space.

A thought is in between space and time. Structure in the electromagnetic patterns, potential in time for other thoughts. It attracts similar thoughts with time, emerging in electromagnetic activity inside the brain.

Electromagnetism has something in common with space-time. Electricity converts into magnetism and magnetism into electricity. What if time converts into space and space into time? What if magnetism is related to time and electricity to space?

The Reproducibility of the Wolfgang Pauli Effect


How stable is our macroscopic world?
New world views emerges from the deep collective subconsciousness and appears here and there as theories like monistic idealism. Matter is based on mind and not the other way around. So we know today with 100% certainty that atomic processes are unstable if we direct our attention to them. Then it even depends on our intention on what kind of result we get. This was for example proven by Dean Radin and colleagues in experiments performed at the Princeton University. A true random number generator reacts on the intention of an “operator”, throwing out numbers which reveals negentropic patterns.

George de la Warr was a engineer who worked on the very controversial field of “radionics”. He created a camera which produced images by intention. Well, the camera worked almost only for him, or at least he needs to be present. But the photos was like a radiography, revealing very interesting details.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-17 um 20.12.11

This experiments cannot be reproduced with a digital camera. De la Warr used the classic silver plates in his radionic camera. Maybe his mind imprinted in some way the image on the silver emulsion. But for sure the water involved in the development process contributed to the strange phenomenon too.

So how stable is our macroscopic world?
It depends on so many factors. And I doubt that the limit is only the atomic level.

The Pauli effect
The Pauli effect is a term referring to the apparently mysterious, anecdotal failure of technical equipment in the presence of Austrian theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli. The term was coined using his name after numerous instances in which demonstrations involving equipment suffered technical problems only when he was present.

The Pauli effect is not to be related with the Pauli exclusion principle, which is a bona fide physical phenomenon named after Pauli. However the Pauli effect was humorously tagged as a second Pauli exclusion principle, according that a functioning device and Wolfgang Pauli may not occupy the same room. Pauli himself was convinced that the effect named after him was real. Pauli corresponded with Hans Bender and Carl Gustav Jung and saw the effect as an example of the concept of synchronicity.

Methods to reproduce the Pauli Effect
One method to reproduce the Pauli Effect is to create a device which is in a very unstable mode, like a true random number generator and to protocol with a software each deviation from normal randomness. A open minded person will produce exceptional patterns. Someone who has the habit to throw his own world view away in a regular manner, will produce hot patterns. A software programmed to track such anomalies will begin to ring the alarm bell and blink and so on. But a closed minded man, which denies any mind over matter phenomena, will have also a effect on the device: it will produce an absolute absence of anomalous patterns, which is indeed not normal, because every true random number generator should produce here and there some “patterns” which divert from “normal” 50:50 chance. Interesting fact is that this absence of anomalies is reflected also in the absence of ideas in this people. In homeopathy this is known for the remedy Alumina, which is known to produce a hyper-pathological skeptic type of mind set. Nihilism is the end-state of Alumina personalities.

Another method is to take a homeopathic remedy of the Lanthanides series. This elements produces a state of mind which triggers anomalous errors in electric devices. Maybe the true random number generator will even break down and stop to producing any numbers. It’s a interesting phenomenon known by many homeopaths who proved this remedies for themselves. Neodymium or Praseodymium can alter the consciousness in a manner which let break down electronic devices like computers or cell phones in proximity. The law of energy conservation is not broken by this phenomena, but it reveals that there was already a weakness in the device and it should have broken sometime in the future, but the probability when it happened was altered. This preserves the law of energy conservation in a elegant manner.

All kind of altered states of mind can trigger “strange phenomenas”. The quantum state is leveled up to a more macroscopic level. Don’t forget the fact the our mind alters biological process inside our brain cells, producing synchronic firing patterns of the neuron cells.

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Droplets and bubbles forming patterns in water

There two phenomenons which I observed with water: One is the well known steam pattern on the surface of hot tea or coffee, which seems to be very dynamic. It builds up and suddenly millions of droplets disappears collectively. This is a kind of electrostatic force which lets the droplets levitate over the surface and interact with each other. Sometimes the patterns looks like the contours of a leaf.

The other phenomenon is that of the microbubbles in water if it passed through a water energizer. I thought “let me check if they form similar patterns as the hot tea”, but they did not … at least not initially, but then I added one drop of a Bach flower remedy and suddenly the bubbles formed a pattern. They did as long as I didn’t cleaned the glass with hot water.

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Electric Sun/Earth Connection Confirmed (Again)

In the previous Space News, physicist Wal Thornhill discussed the recent report that giant filamentary networks pervade the Milky Way galaxy, and these filaments are “closely linked to the formation of stars.” We now turn our attention to our own celestial neighborhood, and the electrical connection between the Earth and the Sun. An Australian undergraduate student is now being credited with having proven the existence of so-called plasma ducts, or oddly shaped, tubular plasma structures, above the Earth. Wal Thornhill discusses the significance of this discovery for the Electric Universe theory.

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Quantum Zeno Effect and the Burning Bush

What has a paradox of an old Greek to do with the burning bush that Moses saw in the desert?
First let’s see in what this Zeno paradox consist of. There are two versions of the Zeno’s paradox, the “Achilles and the tortoise” and the “The dichotomy paradox”. Both describes that “all is one” and that, contrary to the evidence of our senses, the belief in plurality and change is mistaken, and in particular that motion is nothing but an illusion. Then we will consider the “Quantum Zeno Effect” and why quantum effects does not occur on macroscopic levels. But the implication of all this insight might be very mysterious for some people.

Achilles and the tortoise
A fractal used to explain the paradoxes of Zeno of Elea — a movement can become impossible if its distance is recurrently divided into smaller pieces. The girl is assumed to walk three times as fast as the turtle, but whenever she turns a corner the turtle will, too. Even though she is faster, she will not see the turtle within a finite number of turns.


In the paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise, Achilles is in a footrace with the tortoise. Achilles allows the tortoise a head start of 100 metres. If we suppose that each racer starts running at some constant speed (one very fast and one very slow), then after some finite time, Achilles will have run 100 metres, bringing him to the tortoise’s starting point. During this time, the tortoise has run a much shorter distance, say, 10 metres. It will then take Achilles some further time to run that distance, by which time the tortoise will have advanced farther; and then more time still to reach this third point, while the tortoise moves ahead. Thus, whenever Achilles reaches somewhere the tortoise has been, he still has farther to go. Therefore, because there are an infinite number of points Achilles must reach where the tortoise has already been, he can never overtake the tortoise.

The paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise can be applied also to a Fibonacci Spiral. Perhaps you can now intuitively deduce that this paradox is in some kind related to consciousness (what else).

The dichotomy paradox
Suppose Homer wants to catch a stationary bus. Before he can get there, he must get halfway there. Before he can get halfway there, he must get a quarter of the way there. Before traveling a fourth, he must travel one-eighth; before an eighth, one-sixteenth; and so on.


The resulting sequence can be represented as:

This description requires one to complete an infinite number of tasks, which Zeno maintains is an impossibility.

That which is in locomotion must arrive at the half-way stage before it arrives at the goal.

This sequence also presents a second problem in that it contains no first distance to run, for any possible (finite) first distance could be divided in half, and hence would not be first after all. Hence, the trip cannot even begin. The paradoxical conclusion then would be that travel over any finite distance can neither be completed nor begun, and so all motion must be an illusion.

This argument is called the Dichotomy because it involves repeatedly splitting a distance into two parts. It contains some of the same elements as the Achilles and the Tortoise paradox, but with a more apparent conclusion of motionlessness. It is also known as the Race Course paradox. Some, like Aristotle, regard the Dichotomy as really just another version of Achilles and the Tortoise.

There exist also a third paradox, called the “The arrow paradox” making any motion impossible. But I will not mention it here, because I am sure that after you has understood it you will bang your head several times on the desk!

Quantum Zeno Effect

The quantum Zeno effect is a name coined by George Sudarshan and Baidyanath Misra of the University of Texas in 1977 in their analysis of the situation in which an unstable particle, if observed continuously, will never decay. One can nearly ”freeze” the evolution of the system by measuring it frequently enough in its (known) initial state. The meaning of the term has since expanded, leading to a more technical definition in which time evolution can be suppressed not only by measurement: The quantum Zeno effect is the suppression of unitary time evolution caused by quantum decoherence in quantum systems provided by a variety of sources: measurement, interactions with the environment, stochastic fields, and so on. As an outgrowth of study of the quantum Zeno effect, it has become clear that application to a system of sufficiently strong and fast pulses with appropriate symmetry also can decouple the system from its decohering environment.

… an unstable particle, if observed continuously, will never decay …

The name comes from Zeno’s arrow paradox which states that, since an arrow in flight is not seen to move during any single instant, it cannot possibly be moving at all.

An earlier theoretical exploration of this effect of measurement was published in 1974 by Degasperis and Alan Turing described it in 1954:

It is easy to show using standard theory that if a system starts in an eigenstate of some observable, and measurements are made of that observable N times a second, then, even if the state is not a stationary one, the probability that the system will be in the same state after, say, one second, tends to one as N tends to infinity; that is, that continual observations will prevent motion …
– Alan Turing as quoted by A. Hodges in Alan Turing: Life and Legacy of a Great Thinker p. 54

Continual Observations will prevent Motion
According to the reduction postulate, each measurement causes the wavefunction to “collapse” to a pure eigenstate of the measurement basis. In the context of this effect, an “observation” can simply be the absorption of a particle, without an observer in any conventional sense. However, there is controversy over the interpretation of the effect, sometimes referred to as the “measurement problem” in traversing the interface between microscopic and macroscopic.

We can continuously observe any quantum state. If we continuously observe a decaying atom, it never decays; if we continuously check whether a particle has crossed a barrier, it never crosses. We can make a free particle scatter off a force-free region just by constantly checking whether the particle has entered the region. Indeed, we can induce any evolution we want in a quantum system.

Quantum paradoxes, Yakir Aharonov, Daniel Rohrlich

Humans has a limited ability to observe
Now the point is that humans has only a limited ability to observe. We cannot observe infinite numbers of states, therefore movement occur. It is like between the frames of a movie, there is blackness between them or a kind of uncertainty. The quantum states exists as probability states, also their location and their spin. This is the reason why quantum effects does not occur on macroscopic level, because human consciousness is not a continuous field. We cannot observes all states between the frames. We perceive only “24 frames per second”, but it looks like it is a fluid movement. The states between the single frames are interpolated by our mind.

I bet if you add to this insight also the theory of biocentrism, than you will bang your head on the desk. If you has not done yet, do it now!

What is the void between the frames?
Between the “frames” of this movie the whole “plot” is reevaluated by the collective consciousness. A quantum state is not only of interest of one human, but it involves humanity, all life-forms. In a laboratory a measurement of a single small quantum state is of no or little importance for the rest of humanity. On the other hand is the quantum state of a building on macroscopic level of high importance for all life in it and around the building. If quantum effects would reach the macroscopic level by humans observation, then this world would probably stop to exist, or we would live in a dream like world, where mountains are moved by the mind of a children. One thing is sure, that the fact that we cannot reach macroscopic levels with our limited consciousness is a “build in security system” in our Biocentric Universe.

Collapse of the Wave Function – No Quantum System is truly isolated
“The theory of decoherence reconciles the Copenhagen interpretation with quantum superpositions in the absence of measurement or conscious observation. Any interaction, or loss of isolation, of a quantum superposition with a classical system (e.g. through heat, direct interaction or information exchange) would “decohere” the quantum system to classical states. But decoherence theory doesn’t define isolation (no quantum system is truly isolated from its classical surroundings) nor deal with superpositions which are isolated.”
Source: quantumconsciousness.org – Stuart Hameroff, M.D.

The Burning Thornbush that was not consumed by the Fire

The burning bush is an object described by the Book of Exodus as being located on Mount Horeb; according to the narrative, the bush was on fire, but was not consumed by the flames. (Exodus 3:1-5)

Some scholars of the scriptures thinks the burning bush is a mistaken interpretation, a “copyist’s error” or even that Moses was under the influence of a hallucinogenic substance when he witnessed the burning bush.

As he kept looking, why, here the thornbush was burning with the fire and yet the thornbush was not consumed.

The disbelieve of this scholars is comprehensible considering that they has little or no knowledge in modern science. But that the burning bush was not consumed under the fire is a clear evidence that there was a higher spiritual being with a “continuous field of consciousness” present.

Scientific Evidence for the Presence of a Higher Being
As I wrote before, quantum effects cannot reach the macroscopic level by humans observation, because our consciousness field is not continuous. But most people believes in Angels and the Bible mentions these creatures in many scriptures. And they seems to have a power that goes beyond the natural physical laws. If we consider that this creature are not made of flesh, but are spirits, pure consciousness, then we can deduce what powerful Quantum Zeno Effect’s they can achieve through their crystal clear ability to observe all atoms in a vast region, reaching even macroscopic levels with easiness.

Wonders are not contradictory to Physical Laws
A Angel observing the air around a thornbush would apply the Quantum Zeno Effect on a macroscopic level. The result would be that the air molecules would be arrested on their current position. This would create a very cold electroconductive plasma that emanates light, but it would not burn the bush, because this kind of “fire” is not a oxidative process, rather a electrical process (Electromagnetism is related to consciousness). Such a electric plasma would look like fire, but it would not consume the wood of the bush. A similar kind of fire is known in the field of Free Energy Research. The water that is contained in a Joe Cell (Cosmic Energy Cell) is altered by the self-similar construction and the electric current applied. This kind of water has a different “configuration” and it burns cold, without consuming oxygen. The experimenter can hold his hand in the flame without any harm.

Quantum Zeno Effect and the Entropy
Higher consciousness slows down the decay of matter and materials, the increasing of disorder and the loss of information. During the forty years in the wilderness the garments of the folk of God did not wear out.

While I kept guiding YOU forty years in the wilderness, YOUR garments did not wear out upon YOU, and your sandal did not wear out upon your foot.

Deuteronomy 29:5

So you can see that the presence of an Angel has also similar effects on material like the garments. How many times has you bought new shoes because your old ones worn out? If we all together, with our individual consciousness, would form a stable collective consciousness, then the entropic force would diminish and maybe also our health would benefit. Is it not so that the Bible repeatedly talks about Eternal Life on earth during the Kingdom of God? Science proofs that such a thing is not pure fantasy. The evidence is there, in Quantum Mechanics, in the Holographic Universe Theory and in the fascinating Electric Universe Theory. With this key of knowledge, I consider it as such, try to read the Bible again and this time be aware how often the Quantum Zeno Effect on a macroscopic level proofs the presence of Angels. It will shake perhaps your world view, but let it happen. Better you prepare yourself now in advance, before the collective consciousness will be established and the presence of higher beings will shake this world till to the very fundament.

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Water – The Leidenfrost Maze

The Leidenfrost Maze was designed and built by University of Bath undergraduate students Carmen Cheng and Matthew Guy to demonstrate the self-propulsion of Leidenfrost droplets at public outreach events and schools. The video was created by Carmen Cheng as part of her undergraduate project.

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Electric Star Formation Confirmed

Scientists using the Herschel space observatory have observed in unprecedented detail filamentary structures throughout the Milky Way galaxy. A recent phys.org report states, “…ESA’s Herschel space observatory has been a true game changer….One of the key aspects that emerged from these observations is the presence of a filamentary network nearly everywhere in our Galaxy’s interstellar medium. The picture that is emerging is that these structures are closely linked to the formation of stars.” Wallace Thornhill explains the enormous significance of this discovery for the electric universe theory.

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