Digit sum and repeating patterns

The basics to understand Marko Rodin’s vortex mathematics and it’s application is indeed the digit sum and the patterns derived from this method of reduction. Nothing in mathematics is coincidence, because mathematics is the universal language and language is the way consciousness communicates. All patterns who points in direction of a vortex are worth to be investigated.

Counting 1,2,3,4 … and so on, we reach a point where the sum is bigger than 9 and here we begin to calculate the sum of the digits. The pattern here is easily recognizable, all numbers from 1 to 9 repeats endlessly in a certain order. This applies for the 1 series as also for the 2, with the only difference that the order of the repeating pattern is different.


The only strange thing is that the 3 and 6 series have a pattern which has just 3 repeating digits. These can be named as “imploding fields”.


But the 9 series is a imploding point, with only 1 digit.


As you can see, the technique here applied is the same as that of Marko Rodin for the series of the power of 2 … 2,4,8,16,32,64 … and the result is showing us that the 10 based number system has a implosion pattern embedded. The same applies also to other numeral systems. It can not only be found in the power of 2, or decimal, but also hexadecimal and so on.

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Does Gravity Alone Rule the Cosmos?

Today we routinely hear of celestial objects ranging in scale from stars, galaxies and quasar groups that should not exist if the standard astrophysical models are correct. However, it seems that these discoveries, no matter how baffling or unexpected, rarely seem to force any real reassessment of the foundations of popular theory. And all of these theories arose from a basic underlying principle of an electrically sterile and disconnected Universe.

Today we examine the theoretical core of modern astrophysics and cosmology. Our guest is physicist Eugene Bagashov, whose research is in theoretical physics, and who currently works at the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny. Eugene is scheduled to speak at the forthcoming conference, EU 2015, Paths of Discovery, taking place June 25th to 29th in Phoenix, AZ. Today, Eugene offers a brief introduction and preview of his talk, where he will explain that the observed movements in the Universe cannot be created with the gravitational force alone.

A note from Alternative Science:
Have you noticed that mainstream science refuse to accept the major role of electricity and adhere on the gravitational force only? By doing this they give matter a bigger role than to electricity. What holds a atom together? It’s the electric force. The electric force was regarded as a kind of “spiritual force“, because it was the invisible part of the atom. But in mainstream science matter has a bigger role and it is put higher on the pedestal of science by inventing dark matter. Maybe this has something to do with their materialistic world view. The word “matter” derives from the Latin word “mother“. Electricity instead is attributed a male role, not a female like that of matter. Mainstream science just don’t accept to see the whole picture.

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Science is misused by politics

The poor layman reacts with great respect towards the word “expert”. Whenever politicians tries to convince the masses to buy more chicken, they tell the “pig has virus lie”, and whenever they want that they should buy more steaks, they tell the “chicken has virus lie”. And in order to stress the importance they use words like “experts says that …”. It’s all about control and their fear to loose control. We think that we live in a world with free economy, but how can economy be free if this world is not free of lies and people who promotes lies and illusions?

A science community which would love the truth would never sustain this strange game they play. They would promote the truth and expose the lies of the governments and their manipulations. Just follow the money. The modern science community is sponsored by big pharma, big weapon mafia, big governments … so which game do they play? Science is not set free in this world and this kind of materialistic science will end together with this world.

All kind of manipulations you can read about in the news, books and watch in TV, like manipulation of the DNA, of the weather, of the mind, is also misused by government and the lobbies. This system is manipulative, full of fear, full of cowardness. You can expect only manipulative science from this system, not a science that helps to transcend the materialistic state of this world towards a truly art which helps humanity.

It’s no wonder that a lot of people now begin to write and read “alternative” science, watch “alternative” (or independence) movies and documentaries, read books not written by mainstream scientists … and so on. But expect that whoever misuse science and manipulates the masses, that they will misuse “alternative …” whatever, “bio”, “organic”, and so on labeled movements, they will for sure try to infiltrate also this small part of the world. They have done it in the past, they will do it again, as long as this system still works.

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Dayton Miller


Miller was an advocate of aether theory and absolute space and an opponent of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. In 1900, he began work with Edward Morley on the detection of aether drift, at the time one of the “hot” areas of fundamental physics. Following on with the basic apparatus as the earlier Michelson-Morley experiment, Miller and Morley published another null result (the proposed result was absent) in 1904.

These experimental results were later cited in support of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Miller continued to work on refining his experimental techniques after 1904, conducting millions of measurements on aether drift, and eventually developing the most sensitive interferometer in the world at that time.

Dayton Miller performed over 326,000 turns of interferometer with 16 readings each one, (more than 5,200,000 measurements). They showed what appeared to be a small amount of drift (about 9 km/s, 1/3 of the velocity of the earth around the sun): With white light and 32 m arms he could see nearly always the same result:

  • A shift amplitude of 0.12 ± 0.01 fringe, incompatible with zero.
  • A shift phase which points to an apex in the constellation “El Dorado”.

The amplitude analysis suggests a drag of aether. But the analysis of phase suggests that the Solar System goes towards the constellation Dorado (Mahimahi) at a speed of 227 km/s.

These results were presented by Miller as a positive indication of the existence of an aether drift. However, the effect Miller saw was tiny – much smaller than would be expected for a stationary aether. In order for these results to be consistent with an aether, it had to be assumed that the aether was dragged along with the earth to a much greater extent than aether theories typically predicted. Furthermore, the measurement was statistically far from any other measurements being carried on at the time. Fringe shifts of about 0.01 were being observed in many experiments, while Miller’s 0.08 was not duplicated anywhere else—including Miller’s own 1904 experiments with Morley, which showed a drift of only 0.015.

Based on an error analysis, Miller’s critics argued that he overestimated the precision of his results, and that his measurements were actually perfectly consistent with a fringe difference of zero – the null result that every other experiment was recording. However, Miller continued to defend his results, claiming that the probable reason for the so-called null results were that they were not being done at high locations (such as mountain tops) where the aether wind (drift) was supposedly much higher due to less aether drag. Miller did experiments that gave positive results high up on the top of Mount Wilson (California) where the aether wind was presumably about 10 or 15 times higher than results obtained by Miller (and Joos) in urban cities where the aether wind is supposedly more entrained (more drag).

Einstein was interested in this aether drift theory and acknowledged that a positive result for the existence of aether would invalidate the theory of special relativity, but commented that altitudal influences and temperatures may have provided sources of error in the findings. Miller commented:

The trouble with Professor Einstein is that he knows nothing about my results. […] He ought to give me credit for knowing that temperature differences would affect the results. He wrote to me in November suggesting this. I am not so simple as to make no allowance for temperature.

During the 1920s a number of experiments, both interferometry based, as in Miller’s experiment, and others using entirely different techniques, were conducted and these returned a null result as well. For example, Georg Joos reprised Miller’s experiment using a very similar setup (the arms of his interferometer were 21m vs. the 32m in the Miller experiment) and obtained results that were one fiftieth the magnitude of those from Miller’s. However Miller claimed that the explanation for results of the experiments of Georg Joos were because they were done at low altitude in the interior of a building where the aether wind was very low.

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Chemtrails the secret war

Antonio and Rosario Marciano, administrators of the Italian website TANKER ENEMY, produced the film:”Chemtrails the secret war”. This HD documentary film is the first Italian professional film on illegal geo-engineering aka chemtrails. It has been realized thanks to many friends and collaborators. For years this issue has been denied and mocked but the chemical spraying of our sky is still going on!
This documentary analyses, in a scientific and rigorous approach the main characteristics of this issue. The weather manipulation is only a collateral aspect of the phenomenon.

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The Electrochemistry of Comets with Dr. Franklin Anariba

It is a great paradox in comet science: We are told that a comet nucleus is a ball of ice, or dirty snowball, or icy fluff ball that accreted billions of year ago in the solar system’s infancy. Comets are said to sublimate ices as they move toward the sun, and solar warming is responsible for much cometary activity. Yet this reasoning leaves unexplained countless puzzles in comet science. We ask the question, can the science of electrochemistry provide an answer to many comet mysteries?

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Classification of homeopathic therapists according to the element theory

Language is the most basic and essential tool of homeopaths. The anamnesis is the best source of information. And despite of that, some homeopaths fall back on primitive tools for analysis like radionics. According to Jan Scholten most homeopaths are the “Lanthanides series” type, persons who search inside themselves, try to be independent, or at least they can be found on the “Silver series”, people who loves sciences and search for new insight, experts in communication. But there seems another kind of therapists who has not reached that level. Let’s see how we can apply element theory of homeopathy on the therapists.

Hydrogen to Silicium series

Normally they have no interest in healing arts and much less in homeopathy.

Iron series

They work, work, work, real workaholics. Repetition is their core essence. Imitation, learning from others. They need instructions, feedback from some kind of machine (radionics, biofeedback, meridian measurement) but without to understand the underlying principles. They are able to understand new concepts, but they need a teacher, a guru. Learning from books is rather difficult, only possible with a teacher. They can be found at every seminar for beginner, learning the basics of the Organon, the basics of the materia medica. They do not perform a homeopathic proving on their own, only in a group. In analyzing a case they rely heavily on a software with an expert system. Thinking out the box is not an option, they live inside the box, the fabric. Some of them even use complex or combination remedies and other compromises in the worst case. New therapy systems which are labeled with some kind of trademark under the control of a franchise could unfortunately attract them. Usually they confuse homeopathy with herbalism or other naturopathic therapies.

Positive: they love to work in a team, work hard and long, asks questions, asks for help, accept criticism very well
Negative: they don’t think much on their own (even dogmatic or too skeptic like alumina) and their learning progress is rather average

Silver series

They are attracted to homeopathy because of it’s interdisciplinary requirements in science, medicine, language (linguistics), psychology, and so on. They are ready to learn new methods, acquire new skills. They love books and they are autodidacts. They search for a teacher only to achieve a certain level of skill faster. They understand that language is the most powerful tool and they do not rely on software or the repertory too much, because they are aware that these are just tools. They even regard teachers as “tools“. With the time they create their own system, write their own books and become a teacher on their own. They love to communicate new ideas to their colleagues or patients, organizing seminars and congresses. They are rather creative and have a inclination to self-presentation (like a actor).

Positive: (almost) independent, autodidacts, creative
Negative: don’t ask for help and could appear a little arrogant, don’t like criticism

Aurum series

Their profession can be felt as a “burden”, heavy and they have sometimes the delusion that without them the world would stop spinning. It is like they behave as a prophet, someone with a divine mission. They listen, but it’s like they are in some kind distant, isolated from the patient. But they do their very best for their patients. They regard their patients as their “children”, they hug them and they care very much. Maybe they get more responsibility with the time. They lead a school for homeopathy, publishing house for homeopathic literature, manage congresses for homeopathy and so on. It’s all about a greater responsibility.

Positive: A warm quality of interest and very responsible like a father
Negative: They can retreat and isolate themselves, becoming very depressed, too much responsibility, never asking for help (which can be dangerous for themselves) … or they become very arrogant because they fear to loose their higher status

Lanthanide series

They go on a lonely journey in their inner world. They love independence and stillness. During this calm moments they find new and very deep insights, which are very helpful for the entire homeopathy society. But to find this calm moments becomes more and more difficult. It is like they need to find all fragments of themselves first and reunite them (like Arnica which is related to the Lanthanides). Their task is “inner unity“, the magnetic field which reorders the particles to one whole. But when they finally reach their goal, when they come back from their (inner) journeys, they have a lot to tell and we have a lot to learn from them. Whatever they find, it was buried in the deep and it needs a lot of time to digest. They can recognize invisible morphic fields, even without the powerful tool of language, because they look inside and recognize the patterns.

Positive: deep thinkers, innovative, they see the whole picture (of the entire family or even society in relation to the patient) and their therapy can be very effective
Negative: they spend too much time with their inner world, they have no time for their patients, they get easily bored with “superficial cases” (or what they may regard as superficial)

Actinides series

Like the Lanthanide series, the Actinides type of therapist is able to recognize the invisible morphic field, the invisible force which influence entire societies. But in contrast to the Lanthanide the Actinides are also able to manipulate this vast fields for their own purpose. A rare kind of person, because they may die young or they will not have any interest in helping others. But if they decide to help and to become a therapist, they are the most powerful. They seem to have endless energy, bright in many fields, from art to science and so much more. They reach insight so much more easily as the Lanthanide type. When Lanthanide needs a journey, the Actinides needs just a nap.

Positive: powerful healers
Negative: no interest in the individual person, manipulative in a very subtle way

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Some additional notes:
I will write a post on the topic of radionics, because I feel that many people do not understand this “technology”. Personally I understand that “intention” is a strong force that can even alter physical reality, but it should not be confused with homeopathy or labeled with it. Despite of that, the power of intention is worth to be explored in depth.

Niobium, the stage 5 and series 5 remedy for artists who are stuck

There is nothing more torturing for an artist to know exactly what they want to achieve, but to remain stuck in the process of preparation. They see the light and the shadow, the colors, the forms and the final composition in their mind, but it is impossible to finish their project. This kind of creative blockage is known by artists as also by scientists, writers, and so on, … everyone who is pursuing the difficult task to create new things, communicate, research or explore (silver series in homeopathy).

The “pain” is not physical, but emotional, from the deep, and it grows with the time as long the blockage is not dissolved. It’s like you would prohibit them to perform their art or their communication. Then physically this blockage express in breathing problems or vertigo. Indeed art is a kind of thinking, not just something beautiful to look at. So the blockage begins on the emotional level, where it hinders the “flow“.


In homeopathy Niobium is known as a remedy for people with artistic talents. Sometimes they have so many talents and they cannot finish one project, because while they work on one project they discovers new talents and so they leave their old project unfinished in order to learn a new skill or art. Therefore they loose energy and instead of one finished project they have thousands of “previews“. Indeed their life feels like a trailer, a preview, but not like a full featured movie.

The blockage can described as a “conundrum“, a logical postulation that evades resolution, an intricate and difficult problem. If I would like to describe it with a geometrical form I would choose the pentagram. It’s painted in one stroke, but it bounds whatever is inside in a fractal manner. All the problems of the Niobium state are fractal. They repeat inside themselves and outside in the world, a global prison or like a bee stuck in their own honey.

Perfection cannot be achieved. They are highly idealistic, similar to Coffea. Because perfection cannot be achieved they feel insecure and maybe they perceive this as someone else would hinder them in their art. Synchronicity plays a important role too. They expect that someone will hinder them and it happens (like for Praseodymnium or Neodymnium, they expect that electric devices will break and it happens, or in Actinides, where glass breaks suddenly).

The Malaria nosode should considered too, because it is on the same stage 5. This nosode is helpful for an entire generation who is stuck in a situation like war / conflicts, where one is not able to use it’s own potential freely. But Niobium seems to have a special role here. It has the same effect on the mind of an artist like Sulphur has for someone who was mistreated with antibiotics.

Five sided polygon

After the right homeopathic therapy, the blockage, which can be very deep, dissolves and the gift(s) of the person are unleashed. Then the pentagram transforms into a simple five-sided polygon, which was always embedded inside the pentagram (or outside, because it’s still a fractal), and from a restraining form it forms into a productive cycle. All this just by a switch in the point of view.

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Apotemnophilia and Amanita muscaria

Fly amanit

Apotemnophilia is sexual arousal based on the image or fantasy of one’s self as an amputee. It can be associated with Body integrity identity disorder (BIID) in which otherwise sane and rational individuals express a strong and specific desire for the amputation of a healthy limb or limbs.

Body integrity identity disorder (BIID, also referred to as amputee identity disorder) is a psychological disorder wherein sufferers feel they would be happier living as an amputee. It is related to xenomelia, “the oppressive feeling that one or more limbs of one’s body do not belong to one’s self”.

Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, is a mushroom and psychoactive basidiomycete fungus, one of many in the genus Amanita. Amanita muscaria is noted for its hallucinogenic properties, with its main psychoactive constituent being the compound muscimol.

Perceptual phenomena such as macropsia and micropsia may occur. Macropsia (also known as megalopia) is a neurological condition affecting human visual perception, in which objects within an affected section of the visual field appear larger than normal, causing the person to feel smaller than they actually are. Macropsia, along with its opposite condition, micropsia, can be categorized under dysmetropsia. Macropsia is related to other conditions dealing with visual perception, such as aniseikonia and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS, also known as Todd’s syndrome).

Agaricus muscarius should be considered in homeopathic therapy of such conditions like Apotemnophilia or Body integrity identity disorder.

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How does it feel to become healthy again?

Most literature in homeopathy describes the ill state, but to find a description of how it feels to become healthy again is very rare. Case reports concentrates more on the symptoms, the repertorization and analysis, but only 5% describes the effect of the remedy when the person experience the healing effect. I encourage homeopaths to interview their patients on their journey to a more healthier individual person. How did their point of view change? Did even their world view change? How deep is their breath and how does this affect their thoughts? Do they now recognize the interdependence of all life forms? Did something change in their spirituality and relation to other people? This are only few examples, but the patient will benefit from this interview too, because they will become more aware of how healing occurs.