10 Dogmas Holding Back Science – Rupert Sheldrake

For Sheldrake, there are at least 10 common assumptions in science, which time has hardened into dogmas. Each of these, argues Sheldrake, are ripe to be challenged. Among them include the belief that mind and consciousness are an epiphenomenal illusion with no essential reality. Keep in mind that the existence of consciousness is itself the singular aperture by which we grant existence to anything. Not only does this view, known to philosophers as materialism, seem ever more difficult to defend; there seems to be a growing wealth of evidence that mind and consciousness are not as confined to the brain as the materialistic view would require. Sheldrake has himself contributed several scientific studies which apparently support the existence of anomalous extended features of the mind, known by researchers as “psi.”

(Quote from originsofconsciousness.com)