The Time Line of Creation

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It explains science facts so simple everyone can understand and it is one of the few sites which combines science and spirituality in a perfect way. This site revives the interest for nature and all creation.

For example the article “The Untold Story of Creation” contains a section named “The Time Line of Creation”. The different days represents the terraforming process after the initial creation of the “material heavens and earth”.

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The second day is a good example why scientific techniques like radiocarbon dating for determining the age of an object containing organic material will not work if facts like the canopy of vapor are ignored. This is a perfect example of how a wrong paradigm or believe alters scientific results and their conclusions. After the great flood the canopy of vapor was gone and most scientists today use the wrong calibration parameters for radiocarbon dating. Because of this failure the measurements shows that humanity existed for 100.000 years or longer instead of just a few thousands of years.

Many materialist scientists claims that the Bible is unscientific and by doing this they take as bad example the claims from fundamentalists and creationists. What does the article say about them:

The Bible does not support fundamentalists and creationists who claim that the creative days were literal 24-hour days

Perfect! Because this is the truth. The Bible never says that each day was 24 hours long. Indeed the Bible makes use of the word “day” to designate various periods of time. Some days are 1000 years long and in the case of the creation the time period is not specified. So the Bible is scientifically accurate and the fundamentalists and creationists are wrong. Another good example how a political motivated point of view can alter scientific results.