Metals in homeopathy – Chromium

From my point of view I wonder why so many homeopathic therapists do not talk about the interesting aspects of correspondences which exists between our inner world (psyche) and the chemical elements. The correlations are so astonishing.

CC by User Atoma from Wikipedia (Andrei)

For example chromium, it’s an element which is used in the industry for chrome plating, a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object for aesthetic purposes. It is not only decorative, but it provides also corrosion resistance, ease cleaning procedures, or increase surface hardness. This is it’s application in the industry. On the other hand, the homeopathic chromium has an deep effect on people who are concerned to “shine at work”, who’s concern is the surface. I don’t claim that they are people who have no interest in deeper things, but they will mention “a main problem” to their therapist, something which has to do with the surface. For example they could have a problem with mold in humid environments and they mention this with a certain emphasis. They think that all their health problems originates with the mold and they spend a lot of effort to combat the mold.

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A main concern of chromium patients is the visible mold in their surroundings and home.

The stage 6 of the iron series has the main theme of “delivering the proof that they can do their work”. To proof can be translated also with “to show”. Chromium wants to “shine”. They feel that they are forced to deliver this proof of their ability. Every little error which is “visible to others” is a reason to shame for them. Obsession with cleaning. This obsession does not originate in a fear for bacteria, but for the visible surface which others can see.

Chromium is known for it’s overproduction of mucus. All organs which has a surface exposed to the exterior normally produces a certain amount of mucus in order to provide a healthy moisture. In the case of chromium this production is abundant.

The biological role of chromium in trace amounts in humans is necessary for insulin, sugar and lipid metabolism. The highest concentration is inside the nucleus of the cell. Maybe chromium patients mentions that they have a problem with their “mitochondria”, that they have not enough energy.

Two decades of homeopathy experience taught me that a delusion or a wrong motivation caused by a delusion has a huge impact on a person. To honestly revalidate the own motivations is difficult, because our imperfection casts a blind spot on our problems. We are just not able to recognize our main problem. Therefore it is necessary to ask for help.