Why economy is destined to collapse once and for all

The world is permeated by one spirit. Their world leader breaths all the same air. Maybe some of them has different point of views how economy should work, and maybe some has new ideas how a collapse can be prevented.

A group of young scientists studies now how certain cycles in cosmology could be applied to a new economy. They believe that Kepler’s world view of harmonic cycles of the planets around the sun is applicable for a eternal cycle of economy.

But economy is based on egoism. In their believe system infinite growth should be possible with finite resources. That this will end in an “economic Armageddon” will be no surprise to million of people actually aware of the real situation.

Wikipedia on the cause of the “great depression” of 1923: The consensus among demand-driven theories is that a large-scale loss of confidence led to a sudden reduction in consumption and investment spending. Once panic and deflation set in, many people believed they could avoid further losses by keeping clear of the markets.

The value of money is just a virtual one. People attribute a value to money (or stocks). In reality it has no real value. And because the true values declines and moral corruption increase, the effect on all other (virtual) values cannot be shielded. Time itself works here as a fire which removes every value based on a illusion promoted by economy. Like drug addicts, people needs bigger stimuli for triggering consumerism and perpetuating this system. At a certain point the global collapse will be inevitable.