The Missing Ceres Craters Mystery

Conversation between some science interested people (started on youtube, but they are not visible anymore for unknown reason):

Peter: I would love to watch a video which would explain the true reason for this global deny of the electrical nature of our universe.

BeyondUnity: I believe some of it is intentional, and some not (there are purely ignorant people out there). But, there are far too many vested interests at work in this world, and one of their goals appears to be circumventing the true advancement of science and global consciousness. I’ll leave it at that though, and let the Thunderbolts team get on with it.

Stixx n stones: I think it’s culture, (the pursuit and accumulation of assets) and a regimented discipline that prevents mainstream scientists from recognizing the obvious. They are so dogmatic about their advanced degrees it prevents lateral thinking. 1) Fear of colleague/community disapproval and mockery; We all know what they did to Velikovsky and others. 2) Fear of diminished future earnings when exploring observations out to conclusion.

The scientific community suffers unscientific abstracts that diminish and even prevent the pursuit of unadulterated knowledge. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but fear of personal loss and the loss of money are powerful motivators to make anyone tow-the-line. It’s the culture of the entire world with the exception of a few remote places.

I think you would be surprised at how many “In-The-Closet” Electric Universe scientists are out there. Lets hope one day they’ll “Come Out” and say it’s okay to be EU. BTW that last comment was very tongue and cheek. :-)

BeyondUnity: The factors you mention are part of the apparatus that helps prevent advancement, both ideologically and practically, and unfortunately this, in part, is intentionally done by organised groups within our troubled world. It is the culture of a corrupt few, imposed upon the many. In time hopefully this will change. Our world needs to come out of the dark ages, and its groups like the Thunderbolts Project that help with this, with their honest open and ethical approach.

Stixx n stones: Oh sure, there’s no doubt the designs of the “apparatus” has a human and not natural distinction. However it was built long before you or I or anyone present dawned this planet. Now it’s a cultural thing and short of wiping out the entire race, damned difficult to remove from the cultural mindset. People will not let go of security for the unknown. They have such a profound psychosis to this “security” that any evidence that contradicts “security” will be adamantly rejected. It’s primitive human nature to fear what they don’t know.

I too praise the TBP for their efforts. They have done something few dare and seem to be self sustaining. They are mocked and labeled and disregarded because it upsets the “security” of belief not knowledge.

There’s no doubt about corruption it’s inherent in any human enterprise, from education all the way up to money and power. Selfish ambition has been a part of our psyche since the first Homo Sapiens walked this world. We’ll never be able to wipe that out unless there is some drastic change in the human ego.

I’m grateful I’m a free thinking individual and am grateful to meet other free thinkers like yourself. I just lack the wisdom or vision to effect change in the “apparatus”. So, I accept it and try to move through it unnoticed!

BeyondUnity: We all find our way through life in unique ways. Meditation (just being calm and allowing the mind/energy to flow freely) helps me. Good luck with your own path.

Many thanks to “BeyondUnity” and “Stixx n stones” for given me permission to copy the conversation inside this post!