Understanding is needed here

This is the easier version of the previous post: Number 144 versus 666

Understanding is needed here: let every thinking man calculate the number of the animal. It is the number of a man, and its number is six hundred and sixty-six.

(Revelation 13:18)

Ok, let’s calculate.

Chapter 14 of Revelation mentions another number of a perfect heavenly organisation: 144000 humans receive the glory to reign with Jesus Christ for 1000 years.

Genesis says that “in the day” in which Adam will sin he will certainly die.

But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will certainly die.

(Genesis 2:17)


For a thousand years are in your eyes but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch during the night.

(Psalm 90:2, 4)


But you should never lose sight of this fact, dear friends, that time is not the same with the Lord as it is with us—to him a day may be a thousand years, and a thousand years only a day.

(2 Peter 3:8)

So a day is 1000 years for God, because Adam sinned and he died before reaching 1000 years. It means imperfection not to reach completeness of something.

So all the days of Adam’s life amounted to 930 years, and then he died.

(Genesis 5:5)

For example take away just 0,1% from 144000, which results in 144. This makes 143856. Now divide it by 6, again by 6 and again by 6 and you get the number of the beast = 666.

Why divide by 6 you may ask?

Because 6 is one less than 7 and represents imperfection. By removing just one from 1000 you get 999, likewise if you remove 144 from 144000 you render the purpose of it futile.

Then you may note that it is called the number of the “beast” (or animal) and it is a number of a man. This indicates humans lacking divine guidance. In contrast the 144000 are guided by God. They are bound to an heavenly organisation. The number 10 symbolize a human or earthly organisation and the number 12 a heavenly organisation. Multiplying 12 x 12 x 10 x 10 x 10 you get 144000. The “animal” instead, which are the governments of the earth, they lack spiritual guidance from our father in heaven and so they could try to reach perfection by multiplying their efforts, like a symbolic calculation of 6 x 6 x 6 x 666 (turbo-mode), but they will always lack one of 1000.


Calculating the number of the beast you just get a confirmation of it’s symbolic meaning (human governments are imperfect and will fail) and that indeed the heavenly government composed of 144000 sealed ones are perfect and able to govern the earth for all eternity.