The healing of one individual creates an energy shift in others

Although difficult to prove in a way, I do believe that the healing of one individual creates an energy shift in others. We see this most easily in the shifts observed in the proximate family of a patient, but we can see this also on a larger scale. I have at least 2 cases where an orphan patient, immediately following the remedy, was contacted by his birth family living on another continent, after several decades of searching for their roots without any success. This clearly indicates an effect on a larger scale, not just the immediate surroundings of the patient, and this effect is bound to reflect some healing occurring at the level of the birth family.

When someone heals, I believe that something in the group heals, because we all participate in the energetic make-up of the universe, so the shift in one's energy is bound to be experienced by others, without limitations of time and/or space.

An interesting related question is whether each successful or accurate prescription of a remedy decreases the need for that particular field of consciousness to express itself through human experience. If that were the case it might help us understand why some homeopaths are perceiving fewer cases of the well known “polycrests”, and working on perceiving the fields of consciousness of up-til-now little known remedies.

I will say that it has been clear to many of us that some groups of remedies have appeared when there was a new need for humanity. I can think for example of bird remedies a few years back, then radioactive remedies, and now lanthanides. This evolution indicates that humans are facing new challenges at the level of the vital force, and that we need to continue investigating homeopathic answers to these challenges, and maybe this is the area where previously little-known remedies become important, and become relatively big remedies. Whether polychrests or other well-known remedies are less required or less recognized by homeopaths, I cannot say this. I believe that there will always be an important role for these remedies and I see them daily in my practice. In my opinion they constitute the backbone of our prescribing, and we simply add additional options to this backbone with newer remedies in order to be able to face new challenges and modern diseases.