Local Space – Nonlocal Time

Space is local.

Time is nonlocal.

Space contains energy and matter.

Time contains probability and potential.

Space can be observed directly, it contains structure. Inside it particles have a direction, a vector, a position (x,y,z) and a relation towards other particles regarding energy and physical attraction or repulsion.

Time cannot be observed directly, only it’s effects on space, structure and matter. Time cannot contain particles, but it contains probability, potential and a relation towards other particles regarding information and communication.

Music is in between them. It is potential in time, structure in space.

A thought is in between space and time. Structure in the electromagnetic patterns, potential in time for other thoughts. It attracts similar thoughts with time, emerging in electromagnetic activity inside the brain.

Electromagnetism has something in common with space-time. Electricity converts into magnetism and magnetism into electricity. What if time converts into space and space into time? What if magnetism is related to time and electricity to space?