Does Gravity Alone Rule the Cosmos?

Today we routinely hear of celestial objects ranging in scale from stars, galaxies and quasar groups that should not exist if the standard astrophysical models are correct. However, it seems that these discoveries, no matter how baffling or unexpected, rarely seem to force any real reassessment of the foundations of popular theory. And all of these theories arose from a basic underlying principle of an electrically sterile and disconnected Universe.

Today we examine the theoretical core of modern astrophysics and cosmology. Our guest is physicist Eugene Bagashov, whose research is in theoretical physics, and who currently works at the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny. Eugene is scheduled to speak at the forthcoming conference, EU 2015, Paths of Discovery, taking place June 25th to 29th in Phoenix, AZ. Today, Eugene offers a brief introduction and preview of his talk, where he will explain that the observed movements in the Universe cannot be created with the gravitational force alone.

A note from Alternative Science:

Have you noticed that mainstream science refuse to accept the major role of electricity and adhere on the gravitational force only? By doing this they give matter a bigger role than to electricity. What holds a atom together? It’s the electric force. The electric force was regarded as a kind of “spiritual force“, because it was the invisible part of the atom. But in mainstream science matter has a bigger role and it is put higher on the pedestal of science by inventing dark matter. Maybe this has something to do with their materialistic world view. The word “matter” derives from the Latin word “mother“. Electricity instead is attributed a male role, not a female like that of matter. Mainstream science just don’t accept to see the whole picture.

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