Science is misused by politics

The poor layman reacts with great respect towards the word “expert”. Whenever politicians tries to convince the masses to buy more chicken, they tell the “pig has virus lie”, and whenever they want that they should buy more steaks, they tell the “chicken has virus lie”. And in order to stress the importance they use words like “experts says that …”. It’s all about control and their fear to loose control. We think that we live in a world with free economy, but how can economy be free if this world is not free of lies and people who promotes lies and illusions?

A science community which would love the truth would never sustain this strange game they play. They would promote the truth and expose the lies of the governments and their manipulations. Just follow the money. The modern science community is sponsored by big pharma, big weapon mafia, big governments … so which game do they play? Science is not set free in this world and this kind of materialistic science will end together with this world.

All kind of manipulations you can read about in the news, books and watch in TV, like manipulation of the DNA, of the weather, of the mind, is also misused by government and the lobbies. This system is manipulative, full of fear, full of cowardness. You can expect only manipulative science from this system, not a science that helps to transcend the materialistic state of this world towards a truly art which helps humanity.

It’s no wonder that a lot of people now begin to write and read “alternative” science, watch “alternative” (or independence) movies and documentaries, read books not written by mainstream scientists … and so on. But expect that whoever misuse science and manipulates the masses, that they will misuse “alternative …” whatever, “bio”, “organic”, and so on labeled movements, they will for sure try to infiltrate also this small part of the world. They have done it in the past, they will do it again, as long as this system still works.

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