Niobium the stage 5 and series 5 remedy for artists who are stuck

There is nothing more torturing for an artist to know exactly what they want to achieve, but to remain stuck in the process of preparation. They see the light and the shadow, the colors, the forms and the final composition in their mind, but it is impossible to finish their project. This kind of creative blockage is known by artists as also by scientists, writers, and so on, … everyone who is pursuing the difficult task to create new things, communicate, research or explore (silver series in homeopathy).

The “pain” is not physical, but emotional, from the deep, and it grows with the time as long the blockage is not dissolved. It’s like you would prohibit them to perform their art or their communication. Then physically this blockage express in breathing problems or vertigo. Indeed art is a kind of thinking, not just something beautiful to look at. So the blockage begins on the emotional level, where it hinders the “flow“.


In homeopathy Niobium is known as a remedy for people with artistic talents. Sometimes they have so many talents and they cannot finish one project, because while they work on one project they discovers new talents and so they leave their old project unfinished in order to learn a new skill or art. Therefore they loose energy and instead of one finished project they have thousands of “previews“. Indeed their life feels like a trailer, a preview, but not like a full featured movie.

The blockage can described as a “conundrum“, a logical postulation that evades resolution, an intricate and difficult problem. If I would like to describe it with a geometrical form I would choose the pentagram. It’s painted in one stroke, but it bounds whatever is inside in a fractal manner. All the problems of the Niobium state are fractal. They repeat inside themselves and outside in the world, a global prison or like a bee stuck in their own honey.

Perfection cannot be achieved. They are highly idealistic, similar to Coffea. Because perfection cannot be achieved they feel insecure and maybe they perceive this as someone else would hinder them in their art. Synchronicity plays a important role too. They expect that someone will hinder them and it happens (like for Praseodymnium or Neodymnium, they expect that electric devices will break and it happens, or in Actinides, where glass breaks suddenly).

The Malaria nosode should considered too, because it is on the same stage 5. This nosode is helpful for an entire generation who is stuck in a situation like war / conflicts, where one is not able to use it’s own potential freely. But Niobium seems to have a special role here. It has the same effect on the mind of an artist like Sulphur has for someone who was mistreated with antibiotics.

Five sided polygon

After the right homeopathic therapy, the blockage, which can be very deep, dissolves and the gift(s) of the person are unleashed. Then the pentagram transforms into a simple five-sided polygon, which was always embedded inside the pentagram (or outside, because it’s still a fractal), and from a restraining form it forms into a productive cycle. All this just by a switch in the point of view.

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