The uncovering of secrets during a healing process

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

(Mark Twain)

The truth sets us free, or in this case the truth is able to release energy which was formerly used to cover secrets and which was not available for other processes in mind and body. For example if you wonder why you have a idea for a project, but you are not able to bring it to termination, maybe because of various circumstances, headaches, illness, lack of creativity, emotional traumas or you just don’t feel clever enough to finish the project, then you may lack energy which is assigned for other subtle tasks which are unaware to you.

A common recurring experience in homeopathic treatment (but also well known in TCM) is that during a healing process long forgotten secrets are uncovered. Sometimes the patient was not even aware of that secret, because it was not his personal secret, but that of his family. A collective family trauma can be resolved by the homeopathic treatment of just one individual. Now that is what I call a key knowledge, because you can interpolate this insight towards the entire human family on this planet. What would happen … a question I love to ask … if enough people release their ego-bound-energy and a critical mass is achieved?

Healing is making something whole again. It unites the fragmented parts of the person to one single harmonious working unit. This saves energy which was used for other not useful tasks.

A secret is a energy consuming task which works as a “daemon thread” in the background. In computing this kind of tasks are useful for various processes, like alarm clocks or reading emails from the server. But some of this background processes are not useful at all and they can block the computer by using over 90% of the CPU. So a secret can hinder the person to use his life force for a normal life. Serious illness is the result.

Not only homeopathy is able to trigger a deep healing process. How many times have I heard stories about people who was healed from their illness just by “kind words”, “good news” or just the whole truth. Humanity will be healed soon from their deep underlying secrets which hinders us to be really free. During the process, which is already running, many secrets will be unveiled. For sure many people will be angry about this, because their profit from the secrets. But as a hologram, where the part contains the whole, the collective consciousness works in the same manner, this process cannot be stopped once triggered.

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