Hydrastis and elements

Hydrastis is indexed in Jan Scholten’s book “Wonderful Plants” as 642.13.12 … a number which would tell nothing to a novice in the plant and element theory in homeopathy. To understand this relatively new theory in homeopathy reveals a huge resource everyone who wants to study consciousness and life force.

The first number 642 means

6 - lanthanide series inside the core (a independent being, adult)

4 - iron series, a worker (not involved in creative work or scientific)

2 - carbon series on the level of performance (unable to perform his work due to lack of energy)

The last two digits (12) represents the stage. In the case of Hydrastis they are on Zinc.


Zinc in homeopathy is known for the topic of “repetition“. A boring work, which has repeating components or a life where is nothing new under the sun. Automatism, like a program. And then finally burn out.

Hydrastis lacks the power to escape out of the vicious cycle of endless repetition. This remedy is used in cancer and it can help people who are stuck in a life full of routine without any creativity and a lack for spirituality. It helps when cancer is accompanied by depression and discouragement.

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