The most interesting interview

You mix two elements together and what you get is very explosive and dangerous. I mean, in chemistry this works very well, maybe too well …

I would love to listen to a interview with a special combination of scientists and thinkers who could break the neck of the materialistic paradigm.

The dream team would be:

for his Morphic Resonance theory and his understanding that thoughts creates a field and this fields influences the collective consciousness

for their understanding of how electricity is the main force in the universe, interconnects everything and how cosmology influences all the other sciences

his experiments of “mind over matter” delivered a proof that random processes get ordered by a observer and for his understanding of a global mind

nobody else can it explain better that the mind is the base of everything (idealism)

from the point of view of quantum mechanics he understood that mind is essential and the ground of being

because he is a smart guy and … he is a smart guy!

he is not afraid of the mainstream and proved with many experiments that water has a memory

one of the biggest researcher in the field of homeopathy. He understands how the mind is related to the creation

The interviewer could ask questions like:

I hope that this could be realized as soon as possible.