Awesome Homemade Quantum Eraser experiment

See the Quantum weirdness by an experiment at home. It is really exciting to feel the result of experiment done by our own hand.

Somebody is telling that, this experiment is not quantum phenomenon, the wave pattern is erased because of different polarization of two light beam. And returns again because of setting all in to same by 45 degree polarization. so it is not quantum behavior.

But actually it is definitely a quantum behavior.

They are confusing Electromagnetic-wave with Quantum-Probability-Wave. And they are not aware of probabilistic nature of photon. Double slit experiment is showing the probabilistic nature of individual photon.

The interference pattern is generated by two spatial probability waves (each one coming from each slit) which was explained by Max Born and mathematically formulated by Erwin Schrödinger.

It is true that the statement “each photon interferes only with itself. Interference between different photons never occurs” of Paul Dirac. He told about the interference of probability wave.

But EM-Wave tells about that the wave frequency (which causes color) of EM.

It tells about the pulsing wave of individual photon, that “The smaller length the higher energy. And higher length the small energy.

So here is a huge difference between EM-Wave and Quantum-Spatial-Probability-Wave. What we are seeing the interference patterns here is the effect of collision of two Quantum-Spatial-Probability-Waves

But I agree that this different-polarized filter based measurement is not perfect quantum observation.

But the disappearing and reappearing interference pattern is pure quantum eraser phenomenon.

(Source of the text is the description of the video)

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