How the hope for eternal life shapes the scientific world view

Some scientists claims that our sun will one day finally burn up his fuel and end up as a red giant. If it would be bigger, than it would at it’s end implode to a black hole after it explodes as a supernova. The entire universe will end in a entropic soup, where no useful information will exist. Humanity will be already extinguished many billions of years before this happens.


What a dark scenario.

But is it true or plausible?

A materialist is someone who limits his own view and understanding to a world view where the particle is the base of everything. This world is governed by materialistic people, so don’t expect that you will learn something different in school or university. This kind of limit is protected like a real territory. Aggressive behavior is common for dogmatic people. Open minded scientists knows too well that if you question their world view it could mean that you loose your job sooner or later. It is like materialist expect to die and they want all other people to think and act like them.

The way one approach science changes dramatically if one believe in a eternal life. And this means that one don’t even need to change the typical methodology of science. What changes is the degree of humility. More humility leads to a higher level of awareness. Both are related. Without humility one has the tendency to ignore deliberately certain facts and key points in understanding how our universe works.

For example where is our mind? Inside the brain? If this would be true, then we would have a huge limit for what we could learn during an eternal life. Even if someone claims that our brain is capable of storing billions of books, it would be still a limit without a doubt.

But if our brain would be inside our mind!?!?

Ah we now touch a radical new paradigm known as idealism, where the mind is the base of everything, or better, the spirit, the immaterial and not the particle. This kind of world view change our awareness also. We begin to question how it is possible that we can recognize a picture of a dog if it is only formed by black dots on white background. And then some pieces of puzzles forms a bigger picture, like the morphic fields. A field in science is mostly immaterial, like electromagnetic fields. And search for some typical patterns in science, especially in cosmology, then you will learn a very strange pattern: Electromagnetism is not considered the strongest force in cosmology, it is even ignored as such, despite all evidence and mathematic proofs. WHY?


Whatever leads towards idealism and the fact that humans was created for eternal life will be hindered by materialistic scientists. Such a knowledge is pure poison for the materialistic world view.

There are so many proofs that our mind is a field phenomenon, nonlocal, that it should be commonly accepted. Despite the proofs only few scientists changed their world view.

It seems that a world view is like a old suit. We are used to it like we are used to our current lifestyle. Changing a paradigm means to change our lifestyle. A eternal life means that we need really to love our neighbor, because else we could not continue to live with a bad conscience. All this wars in this world, all badness, corruption, crimes, lies, propaganda and so on would stop immediately if a new paradigm based on idealism would be introduced in all minds. How could this happen? Well our mind seems to be really a electromagnetic field. It expands outside our brain and outside of our body, intermixing with other electromagnetic fields, till it reaches the core of our earth and the boundaries of the magnetosphere. What if a greater mind than that of a human would decide to come a little bit closer and intermix his mind with that of our solar system?

Just to accept a little key insight like that the electromagnetism is the strongest force in cosmology would change a entire world view. What if our sun is not a fusion generator, but a accumulator of cosmic energy? What if it would not burn up it’s fuel?

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Special note: Seems that the Pope, Mr. Francis, does not believe in eternity and in God as an creator, but he supports also the materialistic world view. Take a look here: Pope reminds Catholics: evolution, Big Bang are true