The Simplicity of Truth

There are people obsessed with the occult. They create new layers of reality and put them on the top of the fundamental truth. Doing this they hide the simple truth and societies based on lies and illusions. In their world they need to put constantly energy, time and money for maintaining their virtual reality. Because they are not honest to themselves and other people, they get no sleep and are full of shame.

Instead how wonderful is a life based on truth. You can just tell others the truth, without shame, without sleepless nights.

Keeper of secrets, like the Thuja occidentalis personality well known by homeopaths, suffers under a particular symptom known as “fixed idea”. They believe that they can move objects with their minds. Well, I’m open minded and there is indeed evidence that this is possible on microscopic level, on quantum level. But why should one become obsessed with performing telekineses in order to move a glass on a table if one can just use his brain to give a command to his arm and hand and move the glass in classic way? The “fixed idea” is a obsession. It’s the unwillingness of admitting that one is wrong, that a lie is not truth, that nothing can come out of nothing, that humanity cannot govern itself, that we are not gods.

Simplicity is a integral part of truth. It’s logic. Reasonable. Easy to understand. Easy to communicate. Easy to remember. Easy to apply.

1 + 1 = 2

Like mathematics, it is very simple. But truth is not superficial. It’s implication can keep a man busy for all eternity.

Recently I’ve watched some movies and I was very amused of the desperate attempt of some leaders to embed their coward agenda with predictive programming techniques into this movies. They have done this since 1975 and since then you can recognize how much their desperation grows. They just cannot tell you the truth, because their ashamed of their believes. Instead who believes in the Kingdom of God can go with one’s head raised from house to house and tell them the Good News. Do you recognize how desperate this world is? And how much more desperate their leaders are? They fail like their lies in front of a simple evaluation against the truth.

We don’t need this system. It’s old and it does not work. Every new attempt to restart the engine will produce even more certainty about it’s failure. They print money, create things out of nothing and expect that the value of this money will keep it’s value … oh wait, what value, it have no value at all. Does it make sense to you now? When the Kingdom of God will begin to reign on earth, awareness will be raised on global scale, not only for people who are disposed to accept the truth, but also for everyone else. The truth may be hold back for a certain time, it may be kept secret in the dark, but suddenly it will be released and it jumps from one brain to the other, without that anyone can hinder the disintegration of this system.

Truth is so simple and so easy. Thanks God that we know the truth. And you should accept it now, because when the great tribulations starts and you are still part of this world, it will break your neck.

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