Hydrastis canadensis in Cancer Therapy – A Gem in Homeopathy


Hydrastis canadensis, Goldenseal, part of the Ranunculaceae family, is one of the great remedies in cancer therapy. Used traditionally by the Cherokee and later as a bitter tonic. It is used by herbalist today as anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, bitter tonic, laxative, anti-diabetic and muscular stimulant.

It contains the isoquinoline alkaloids: hydrastine, berberine, berberastine, hydrastinine, tetrahydroberberastine, canadine, and canalidine. Because of the berberine the herbalist should be careful, because it can be toxic (lethal dose of berberine is 27.5 mg/kg).

Intercurrent Remedy

In homeopathy it is also used for cancer treatment. Most times not in constitutional therapy, but as a intercurrent remedy. When cancer is treated with alternative medicine, the dying cancer cells release toxins. This toxins or “waste products” requires energy from the body to flush them out. But cancer patients can be so weak that they require Hydrastis as a helper. It activates the intestines, the liver and the stomach energy, reinforce the digestion and it helps the body to expel the toxins.

So whenever in the course of treatment a case may stall even with the best selected remedies, think about Hydrastis, especially when they patient suffers from diabetes or cancer.

A very particular symptom combination is a swelled abdomen with boredom!

(Remember, it is always important to take the full case)

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