The Brain is a dynamic antenna

You will never find your mind inside your head, as you will never find your favorite movie star inside your television. The paradigm is changing regarding this point of view. We recognize that our brain-centric world view is replaced by a world full of broadcasting antennas, internet, social networks, communication technology. Our mind is everywhere, somewhere else, but no in our brain.

In the past scientists believed that memory is stored as synaptic connections between the neurons. Only in the last decade we become aware that this kind of structure may be a complex fractal antenna. The brain creates this connections not for storing the memory, but for accessing the broadband of frequency where it was stored.

Naturally a materialistic scientist would never find evidence for electromagnetic broadcasting of billions of brains. The reason is that the electromagnetic fields inside our brain builds up another virtual antenna which stores the data in a scalar dimension. So there are multiple materialistic paradigms which should be dissolved before it will be accepted. But this will not happen in a materialistic world. One reason more why this system is destined to end, because the awareness change and consciousness of the higher things grows.

This is a very logic conclusion: If God created everything in nature and scientists can only recreate technology, should it not be reasonable to think that in nature wireless networks exist in a higher and better form?


Our brain is a scalar antenna

This dynamic antenna is build by the smallest part, the DNA, to the complex network of synapses in our brain. It tunes into a morphic field where most data is stored encoded with our “name“. Some data is shared and maybe this enables the strange feeling if someone gaze at you from behind. It explain why a crossword puzzle from yesterday is easier to solve than a new one. It explains why certain habits are so easy to achieve and so hard to give up. Or how some birds can find the right route when they migrate.

Scalar antennas works by overlapping one electromagnetic wave with another wave out of phase, so that each other cancel out. But the energy is not lost during this process. They reduces it’s activity in the 3 dimensions and continue to exist as potentiality on the time arrow, on just one dimension. This scalar dimension has a lot in common with what we know about the “probability” in quantum mechanics.

By creating new synapses and more complex structures between the neurons, our brain enables a better and more efficient network connection to the invisible fields of memory. This is real high tech.

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