The momentum for change

Ten years ago people asked questions. Now they ask Google or a stupid Oracle Database. They get the answers they want, not the truth, only what they expected … so nothing new under the sun.

Today people avoid to ask specific questions. It is like they have a new taboo gene installed by some virus inside their DNA. Is it fear? Is it ignorance? Well, one thing is for sure, it is a emergence phenomena influenced by a invisible spirit being. This being is coward and evil. Lying is his nature and he resides in the lower bandwidth of the reality spectrum. He wants us to hold awareness also on a lower state in order to continue to live and execute his will on humanity.

The truth is that for many years now a critical mass of people is already reached. Normally this would have lead to a global change. But a force is holding back this change until more people will become aware. More specific, a certain number of humans will be sealed and then the “winds of destruction” will be released and together with them people who have still an opportunity to change their minds.

Until then, the destructive force accumulating against this old wicked system will grow. Some people feel this force and they use special terminology to address this topic. Like the apostle Paul who said that this force is the “wind of destruction”, because wind is invisible but you see the action and you cannot see the source. Wind is a spirit. Who is able to hold a spirit back? Only another spirit.

Nikola Tesla knew it as the scalar dimension, Rupert Sheldrake (genius!) as the morphic resonance, Michael Talbot as the holographic universe, Wilhelm Reich as the orgone energy, the ancient Chinese as chi and so on.

There are different kinds of this “field“, some are higher than our human collective consciousness and they will readjust things soon.

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