Truth always survives suppressive efforts

The biggest suppressor of the Truth is the father of the lie,

one of his names is shame,

another one is censorship,

and finally he is called a coward.

Bigger than his anger towards the servants of the Truth

is only his fear and he promotes illusions,

hiding his own persona and existence,

because he fears to be recognized for whom he truly is.

Time is one of his enemies,

like fire it burns his territory away,

like acid it dissolves his world,

and he cannot stop the process.

In despair he influences the governments of this world

in order to shut down the channels of the Truth,

in hurry he makes his moves,

because he knows he has a short period of time.

But time cannot be stopped,

as Truth cannot be suppressed forever,

because the God of Eternity has everything under control,

knowing very well the outcome of the battle.

Our God’s name is Jehovah,

which means he causes to become,

there is no doubt in the fact

that he is the sovereign ruler of the universe.

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