Cosmic Source of Consciousness

In the past people believed that the earth is the center of the universe (geocentricism). This hasn’t changed much today, because such a view has it’s origin in the egocentric mind. Many people today still believe that our mind is inside our brain. But our brain needs external stimuli in order to work. Total isolation would lead to the death of the brain, even if brain metabolism is working well.

Indeed our brain gets it’s stimuli not only from our near environment, through sound, heat or cold, touch and sight. The most important stimuli derives from our magnetosphere, from a broadband of Schumann frequencies. Our DNA reacts on such stimuli as the brain cells too.

Is the idea that our consciousness expands outside of our brain and our body too strange, reaching far distant galaxies and maybe even other peoples mind? I think that the problem of accepting a specific world view lies in the fact that every new knowledge and insight leads to more responsibility and it makes your ego dissolve. A society has it’s own ego, like a collective ego. It can generate a kind of field which in turn influences the thinking of all people inside this field. The entire society works against new insight. Therefore it is so difficult to change the paradigm.

Consciousness is like a static electric field, jumping in and out of the scalar dimension (time) into space and again into scalar dimension. It needs self-similarity on both sides in order to continue to exist. Self-similarity is a intrinsic part of consciousness. We can recognize this in fractal patterns which can be found everywhere. The scalar dimension is a dimension made of potential. The space is made of vectors (direction).

So following this simple rule, that consciousness requires self-similarity, we can analyze the small and the big, the microcosm and the macrocosm, searching for fractal patterns or self-similar constructs, which enables consciousness to exist.

For example our brain generates electromagnetic fields. What generates similar electromagnetic fields? The earth? Our sun? Plants? Our solar system? Bacteria? … By analyzing the electromagnetic relation between all this things, we would for sure recognize that our consciousness is not limited inside our brain, like a bird in cage.

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