How could this be ignored?

Luc Montagnier, awarded the Nobel prize in medicine for his co-discovery of the Aids virus HIV, discovered that water is able to store information and that this information can be used to synthesize DNA sequences in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) without any of the target strands present to template the process.

Rupert Sheldrake discovered that DNA is not responsible for the form or the shape of organs, but that an invisible and immaterial field delivers this information, called the morphic field.

Sir John Eccles called the fundamental neural units of the cerebral cortex “dendrons”, which are cylindrical bundles of neurons arranged vertically in the six outer layers or laminae of the cortex, each cylinder being about 60 micrometres in diameter. Eccles proposed that each of the 40 million dendrons is linked with a mental unit, or “psychon”, representing a unitary conscious experience. In willed actions and thought, psychons act on dendrons and, for a moment, increase the probability of the firing of selected neurons through quantum tunneling effect in synaptic exocytosis, while in perception the reverse process takes place. This so called “pychons” are immaterial in their nature.

Because of the unwritten social codes of materialistic science this great discoveries was just ignored and they are still ignored by the mainstream. Or is there a kind of morphic field involved which forms a barrier in order that “things remains so simple as they are in this old system”?

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