DNA stores most of the information needed to build your entire body

I have read in a magazine that DNA stores most of the information needed to build the entire body. Well, this is true. Another thing in the sentence “most of the information” is also true, because if someone writes “most” it doesn’t mean “everything”. Why?

Because our DNA can only provide the templates for the most basic and essential building blocks of our body, for example proteins, hormones, enzymes and so on. But how a organ is shaped or how an eye is assembled is not written in the DNA. We have just began to scratch the surface of what we know about DNA!

The DNA is a database, storing information, but it is also a antenna, sending and receiving information. It is because of this fact that our body has a specific form, because the DNA receives the information in form of electromagnetic waves and then when the cells are replicated they specialize and they take the positions on the right location in the body thanks to this invisible template which seems to be broadcasted everywhere in our universe.