Nothing new under the sun

It was 1987, a year where I finally got my first Amiga 500 Personal Computer. At this time some people said to me that a computer is fast, but not so fast as a human brain. Well, even today this is true. And another thing is true of what I have heard: that nature has already every possible technology embedded and that humans can only reinvent the wheel.

Think about it:

this list could go on and on for ever

Therefore we should expect nothing new under the sun. No “Stephe Jobs” can show us a miracle like God’s creation does. “And one more thing …”, sorry Sir, there is no one more thing that humans can invent. There is already everything there. What we can do is to appreciate what Jehovah has created and talk to others about his wonders. We can only imitate natures templates. But don’t think this is boring. Not at all. We should be like children who imitate their father. When the father is a great artist, a master painter, then the children imitates him by painting … well … it’s nice, but not how the master. Despite of that, it’s still fun.