The implication of responsibility

Whenever an idea rise in my mind and a hypothesis forms about a scientific insight, I consider also the implications regarding the responsibility that follows this insight. Is the theory or the hypothesis pointing towards more responsibility or less?

Why it matters?

Did you know that the hypothesis of “Darwinian evolution” is pointing towards less responsibility? Therefore this theory is so attractive to people who refuse responsibility in many aspects of their life. The next consequence of this hypothesis is that free will is just an illusion and therefore one can relax, whatever one do in his life it is just because of some chemical reactions inside the brain. No responsibility may seem as a total freedom of bad conscience, something that many people today seek. (Who would not love to live a life without any regrets?)

But the fact is that avoiding a problem will not solve it.

With a action comes the reaction. How can someone believe that planting a apple seed a orange tree will grow?!

So for example when I think about “morphic fields” and it implications about the own responsibility of what kind of thoughts I nurse and how my thoughts will affect the collective consciousness, then this is for sure a theory with a huge impact on my responsibility.