What it was like in the PreFlood World?

Imagine to live in a time before the water canopy above our sky dissolved and rained down. How would the sky look? How high would the pressure of the atmosphere be? And how was the weather at that time?

The earth was smaller than today. Inside our planet matter is generated by an unknown process. Somehow the earth is able to concentrate cosmic energy from other stars and radiation sources inside the core. The result is the production of heavier elements and chemical compounds, like oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, iron and so on. Our planet was designed for eternity. Because of the fact that matter is generated inside our planet core, it is an assurance that our creator wants that we forever on a self-repairable and self-sustainable earth. Even if after millions of years some of the atmosphere evaporate into outer space and through this natural process we would loose part of our atmosphere and the essential atmospheric pressure and shielding against the sun’s radiation, our planet is able to regenerate the atmosphere thanks to the inner core which delivers in addition each element.

During the time before the great flood came, the atmospheric pressure was not much higher than today. But our planet was smaller and gravity less than today. If one observed the horizon and tried to spot some distant object, it was maybe not that difficult. The atmosphere was at that time much like ours today. Only the sky got a different color, especially at sunset and sunrise. And watching the stars was a little bit more difficult, because of the water canopy. Do not imagine the water canopy as a massive water accumulation above our atmosphere. It was perhaps more like a very dispersed thin water vapor above the ionosphere, so that watching the stars was for sure possible but with some more “atmospheric disturbances” … with other words the stars at that time shimmered a lot more than today.

It never rained. Just a vapor from inside the earth came up and moisturized the vegetation. Perhaps in the morning the air moisture was higher. All over the world a enjoyable warm weather enabled vegetation even to grow in the north and south pole. The water canopy hold the temperature uniformly on the planet’s surface, like a greenhouse.

Before the great flood came life was strange on earth. After Adam and Eve sinned against God, people lived much longer than today. Some people lived more than 950 years, but not even one reached 1000 years. The 1000 years are like a invisible border that an imperfect human being cannot exceed. People was much busy as today, like the Jesus once said that “in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark …” (Matthew 24:37-38). During this time, as I mentioned, the days was really strange, because something unexpected happened. Some angels began to observe the humans, especially the beautiful womens and they decided to materialize and get human like form and they got intercourse with the womens … after that a hybrid form between human and angels was born, an strong and very aggressive being called the “nephilim“. Because of the presence of the materialized angels and their unnatural offspring the majority fall in the pit of false religion. They worshiped the materialized angels like gods and it was considered a honor if one of this coward angel choose to marry one of their daughters. Part of this ancient pre-flood cult is still embedded in most occult practices of modern false religion.

The presence of celestial beings on earth put the balance of the water canopy in risk, because of the higher amount of energy originating from another dimension. God knew that and he was not disposed to rebalance the water canopy, but to let it rain down so that it would kill all bad people, together with the rebellious angels and their bastard offspring. Just 8 humans survived the flood and from this 8 people the entire world population originated.

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