Cress and Wifi Experiment

Foreign researchers are extremely excited for a biology project from five 9th grade girls.

Researchers from England, Holland and Sweden have shown great interest in the five girls’ biology experiments.

Take 400 Cress seeds and place them into 12 trays. Then place six trays in two rooms at the same temperature. Give them the same amount of water and sun over 12 days, and remember to expose half of them to mobile (Wi-Fi) radiation.

The “healthy” cress without the influence of the router.

Six trays of seeds were put into a room without radiation, and six trays were put into another room next to two [Wi-Fi] routers. Such routers broadcast the same type of radiation as an ordinary mobile.

The “sick” cress exposed to the Wi-Fi router.

Then it was just necessary to wait 12 days, observe, measure, weigh and take pictures along the way. And the result spoke was clear: cress seeds next to the router did not grow, and some of them were even mutated or dead.

It is truly frightening that there is so much affect, so we were very shocked by the result.

Lea Nielsen

Source: Danish Students Attract International Attention with Cress and Wifi Experiment

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