What causes the Earth to revolve around the Sun?

Inertia and gravity get the planets into orbit.” is absolutely false on both accounts.

Gravity and inertia are NOT forces that propel planets in revolution around stars.

Gravity pulls objects toward a massive object; it doesn’t propel objects in orbit.


Inertia is not the cause of motion, but simply an effect, where an object in motion tends to stay in motion until it encounters an opposing force or object. Like when you slam on the brakes, loose objects in your car continue traveling forward because of inertia.

Saying inertia propels planets in orbit is like saying “inertia” is the cause of a car’s propulsion forward, which is simply untrue. Inertia is an effect, not a cause.

Motion is caused by energetic forces, like heat and electromagnetism.

For example, your car is propelled by energy, either electricity if it’s an electric car; or like most cars, its combustion engine produces fire/heat energy. That thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy, which spins the axle and wheels that propel your car forward.

Similar to the spin of your car’s wheel-propulsion, our Sun also spins and propels the Earth in orbit around it. Both the Earth and Sun generate extremely powerful electromagnetic fields that cause them to spin.

The Sun’s EM field is the force that propels our Earth in revolution around the Sun spinning electromagnetically.

To get an idea of how electromagnetism causes motion and overcomes gravity, use a magnet to pick up a metal object and realize that the magnetic force of that tiny magnet can overcome the entire Earth’s weak gravitational pull on the object.

The Sun’s electromagnetic field is so energetic as to be incomprehensible to most people. This helps put it in perspective: The Sun’s electromagnetic spin is so powerful that it propels the Earth weighing nearly 13,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds at 67,000 mph around our Sun… now, my 1970 Mustang fastback is swift, but that’s the kind of power that auto racers can only dream of.

Therefore, it is our Sun’s extremely powerful, energetic electromagnetic field that propels the Earth in revolution around the Sun.

Source: wiki.answers

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