Heritage from the Past

If something is really important, then it will not get lost. This applies for information too, especially for information. Our past is important. If we understand our past and our history, then we understand our presence and why certain things works that way.

Did your teacher told you what the origin of all nations are? Or did your teacher told you the truth about the very first human king? If you would know what happened really in the past, then you would understand so much things. I’m personally addicted to the so called “aha-effect“, when one suddenly realize the whole picture. Then more you get of “aha-effects” or “aha-moments” than more you get addicted to it. This is a healthy state of mind, curiosity. Without curiosity a doctor would eventually diagnose depression or something similar. But if you are in the “flow” you get at least one “aha” a day.

Crucial events in our past are embedded in our language. For the Chinese for example this events are embedded in their symbolic logograms or characters.

According to legend, Chinese characters were invented by Cangjie (c. 2650 BC), a bureaucrat under the legendary Yellow Emperor. There are quite a few variations of the legend. One of them tells that Cangjie was hunting on Mount Yangxu in modern Shanxi when he saw a tortoise whose veins caught his curiosity. Inspired by the possibility of a logical relation of those veins, he studied the animals of the world, the landscape of the earth, and the stars in the sky, and invented a symbolic system called (字) — the first Chinese characters. It was said that on the day the characters were born, Chinese people heard the devil mourning and saw crops falling like rain, as it marked a second beginning of the world.

Ancient characters embed pieces of the story of Genesis, of the beginning of humanity, of an catastrophic event and the beginning of human civilization.


Interesting thing is that the symbolic character for garden has a center. When God put the man he formed in the garden there is no information in the Bible where exactly he was positioned, but in the center of the garden was two trees, one “tree of life” and one “tree of the knowledge of good and bad“. The symbol for garden is composed by the symbols mouth and center. God talked to humans in Eden. The mouth represents also a person.


Similar the symbol for fruit is symbolized with the symbol for garden and tree. Here garden is represented also with the symbolic centre.


Now this is very interesting too. “Egoistic lust” is represented by two tree symbols and a woman symbol. It was the woman who first got this burning desire to eat from the fruit of the tree in the centre of the garden as we know from the Genesis account.


And who was responsible for this crime? The devil! He is represented as a person who was also there in the centre of the garden and he acted in secret (cautious) without revealing his true personality and intentions.


After humanity got really bad and demons got illicit sexual relations with womans (this is an unnatural act similar to homosexuality) God decided to destroy this ancient world by a global flood. The survivors was a family, eight persons. Here the symbols speak a clear language: eight persons (or witnesses / mouths) in a boat, equals large ship. The ark was indeed a large ship.


The origin of civilization as we know it got his beginning right after the flood, at the city of Babel (or Babylon after the confusion of the languages). Humanity got at this time only one language. The tower was build of clay, because in the land of Babylon was no good stone available. Grass is involved in the process of making bricks, as we know from the Exodus account in Egypt.

Why embedded the Chinese this events from Genesis into their characters? This events was crucial for the entire humanity. Even Jesus Christ spoke about the global flood. He was aware how important this event was. After the flood and after the confusion of the languages in Babel, the nations took this historic events in form of legends or even embedded in their symbolic characters with them. Until today this history has survived.

You can download a collection of this symbols as PDF here and print it out. On each page are 4 collections, big enough for inserting it in a book as bookmark:

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