A Revolutionary Discovery – Bacteria belief in Homeopathy

Ah not only bacteria, but also biological cells, potatos, rats, … they all belief in homeopathy! The pseudoskeptic community, payed by the pharmaceutical industry for distributing false information on everything which represents a threat to their profit, claims that homeopathy works only because of the placebo effect. So therefore the homeopathic remedies works on bacteria? Yes, because they actually believe in in homeopathy. This discovery is even more revolutionary as homeopathy itself.

The effect of phosphorus in biological sewage plants is very significant in cases of degenerated, highly pressed activated Sludges which form a special swimming muddy stratum like a jelly as it is in the case of phosphorus muddies. The second Hahneman’s law (law of Hahneman) is visible in the diagram according to which the effect is increasing due to more thinning.

(E. Schädlich)

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