Who are these socalled Quackbusters?

North Americans have known, or suspected, for some time, that there has been an organized assault by a group, against companies, and practitioners, offering alternatives to the drugs/surgery paradigm. That group calls itself the “quackbusters,” and they are a scam.

Then, in 1995, Janet Reno, the then Attorney General, under the direction of the US President, came out with a program identifying “health fraud” as a major problem in the US health care system. She shocked, and frightened, conventional practitioners. “Health Fraud” - was, and is, defined by the Justice Department as “Over billing, false coding, MD kickbacks, etc..” Reno, of course, was right - conventional medicine was, and is, involved in sheer greed and dishonesty. It was, and is, a huge problem.

In response, mainstream medical went into orbit, trying to deflect her attack - to no avail. Janet Reno was teaching “seniors” how to read their medical bills - and turn their doctor into the Feds. The “Meds” were in trouble with the “Feds.” And, still are. And, should be…

So mainstream, rather than fix their own house, had to come up with a plan to counter these two assaults on their dollar intake.

In 1996, mainstream launched their counter-attack. It was a four part dis-information Public Relations campaign designed to kill two birds (stomach aches) with one stone. They wanted Janet Reno (and the American public) off their backs, and they wanted to get rid of their upstart competitor Alternative Medicine. So they came up with a simple plan - re-define the term “health fraud” with a massive dis-information campaign. The intent was to re-define the word AWAY from Reno’s definition of “Over billing, false coding, MD kickbacks, etc..” to a different focus - “Alternative Medicine.” They put the plan into effect.

Enter, from stage right - the “quackbusters…”

PART ONE of the plan was what I call the “definition switch.”

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