The Scientific Research of the Joe Cell in the year 2013

We need smart people in order to solve the major problems in our world. The energy crisis is one of the main problems, the other is the pollution which is a direct or indirect thread to the water resources too. So there is also a interdependency between all the problems we have.

The root cause of all problems is still the growing egoism of many people, especially of the “leaders of this world“. Their egoistic way to think and to act hinders good solutions to become reality. Indeed with massive propaganda people are hold in a invisible cage of illusions. If they all would recognize who is the real thread, this world would collapse.

And there is another problem: this actual world. We live in a framework of materialism and many people have made their choice to be dependent from this materialism. With their lifestyle the real solution is not even a choice to be evaluated. If you would try to mention some interesting topics like the Joe Cell you will hit hard a wall of massive and heavy dogmatic stones. It is like a invisible spirit rules the conversation. And the apathy … we don’t need to mention that.

So I really have no desire at all to rescue the world. And this distinguish me and million of other people from the rest of the world. We don’t need solutions for this world, because we desire the New World, the Kingdom of God.

We could do our best to create clusters of energy cells based on the free energy technology of the so called “Joe Cell“, but are we willed to rescue this dying system? We have made a choice. We are not willed to help this world and their leaders to remain in a ancient illusion. We are those who has made a step outside the world. We base our hope on hard facts.

But in the New World we will be able to use all our brain power to clean the Earth from pollution and the residue of the old system. And then, and only then, we will use technology like the Joe Cell as a clean power source. People will help each other, there will be no money at all (only in a historical museum) and no war will ever be fought again. Altruism will be the main motivation. Something that materialistic people could not even imagine.

In the meantime we will use our resources, and yes our brain power too, to engage in ministry and in helping our families to stay united. This means we set the priorities on things which are now more important than solving the energy crisis … now this is something to be considered by you dear reader, because if we put something on a higher priority as the major problems of this world, then what do we regard as so high in priority?

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