The Joe Cell is a Negentropy Generator

A engine running on implosion instead on explosion, without fuel, just a negentropic generator which costs not more than 200 dollar … how is this possible?

Well the Joe Cell with it’s concentric steel tubes performs a similar action to negentropy like a magnifying glass does with the sun light. After a while the cell and it’s surrounding is saturated with a negentropic field. Inside the combustion chamber a single spark triggers the implosion of simple air, creating a plasma vortex field. The air’s electrical resistance is then very low. In contrast to normal air, the air in the combustion chamber is highly ordered. A spark is able to trigger a “compressing” process, which let’s the air take less space, the pistons are sucked in instead to pushed out.

You can understand this process only if you are aware that consciousness is the base of physical reality. Did you ever wondered where the x,y,z coordinates are stored for a atom? Where does the atom know where it is and in which relation it is with the other atoms? Changing the own paradigm from a limited materialistic one to a idealistic worldview such questions arise and then the implosion technique of the Joe Cell makes sense.

A spiral galaxy performs a vortex implosion. This is evidence for a powerful order.

It’s all about information processing and it’s meaning. A implosion makes more sense to the consciousness, it takes less spake, the system cool down, the atoms are ordered … and it takes less memory space. Everything in this physical universe needs memory space. A ordered state needs less memory than a chaotic one. Order makes more sense and it can better communicated.

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