We are living in a highly negentropic Universe

The negentropy, also negative entropy or syntropy or extropy or entaxy, of a living system is the entropy that it exports to keep its own entropy low; it lies at the intersection of entropy and life. The concept and phrase “negative entropy” were introduced by Erwin Schrödinger in his 1944 popular-science book W_hat is Life?_ Later, Léon Brillouin shortened the phrase to negentropy, to express it in a more “positive” way: a living system imports negentropy and stores it. In 1974, Albert Szent-Györgyi proposed replacing the term negentropy with syntropy. That term may have originated in the 1940s with the Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappiè, who tried to construct a unified theory of biology and physics. Buckminster Fuller tried to popularize this usage, but negentropy remains common.

Our Universe is highly negentropic

Not only living systems “imports negentropy“, but also technical live support systems (a group of devices that allow a human being to survive in space) perform this action. Space suites and space vehicles provides fresh air and the necessary pressure, they regulate the temperature by importing negative entropy. This involves work and a regulatory system.

Space Suite

We may think of space suites or space vehicles when we read the words “live support systems“. But our planet earth is also a highly complex live support systems. Together with the entire solar system our planet enables live by importing negentropy.

The standard classical Maxwell-Heaviside equations implicitly assume that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is freely created by the associated source charge, right out of nothing at all, in total violation of the conservation of energy law. Either one must totally abandon the conservation of energy law, or else one must explain what is the input of energy to the source charge. (Tom Bearden)

Negentropy is Order

Negentropy does not apply only to cooling systems. It’s far more than regulating the temperature by expelling heat and maintaining a certain cool environment. Negentropy is order, something which applies to information and physics. All characters in this text are set in a specific order, making sense. If we would take the characters and mix them in a blender and then put them again on the screen, how high would then the information content be? Would the text making then sense too?

Order in a room where children lives does not originates from pure chance. Consciousness is the origin of order, it’s a implicit aspect of it.

So do you understand what negentropy implies?

If we talk about negentropy we talk indeed about order. Life requires order … and life is order. Energy is order too. And consciousness is the source of order and energy.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed

If this is true, why is it possible to destroy order? The problem is that materialistic scientists promotes the belief in a closed system universe. Again if this would be true that we live in a closed system, then where does the energy come from? Are we isolated? Or maybe do the materialists project their inner feeling of isolation onto their scientific worldview? This would at least explain why they just denies many scientific facts and overwhelming evidences which points towards a biocentric worldview, where no real isolation exist and consciousness is the source of space and time and matter.

Energy is a aspect of consciousness, like order is a implicit aspect of it.

The scientist with a idealistic worldview would ask the following questions: If there would be no intelligent being at all in the entire universe, would there be space and time at all? Would space make any sense without matter? Would time make any sense without changing statuses?

Where consciousness exist, there is also order and energy!

DNA is the most compact information unit of the Universe

Where in our Universe can we find the most compact information concentrated on one place? It’s our planet, especially our own body. Just one DNA in a biological cell contains as much information as a CD-ROM can memorize, 600 to 800 Megabyte. The number of cells that make up human body seemed to range from about five trillion to fifty trillion. Our body is packed with high complex data in based on a quaternary numerical system (base-4 numeral system).


Fifty trillion cells of just one human body contains as much information as CD-ROMs could contain. The weight of one CD-Rom is 10 gram. All information from the DNA of one human body stored in CD-ROMs would weigh 500.000.000 tons.


This would mean that if want to search for intelligent life out there, we should search for the highest amount of order aka negentropy.

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