Are we physically separate from other people?

The materialistic believe is that we are separated from each other by the space between us. And this believe leads us to the conclusion that we are also separated in a spiritual way. But is this true?

Well there are a few things we should consider regarding the “physical distance” between us all:

1) We breath all the same air and we communicate through the air

All the oxygen and the carbon dioxide in the air is inhaled and metabolized in our body and then exhaled again, becoming part of the air who other people breath. The oxygen molecules inhaled becomes a part of us and some of them remains in us for a maximum of seven years. Then the oxygen is exhaled in form of carbon dioxide, becomes part of the air the plants “breath” and they take the oxygen and the carbon apart through the process of photosynthesis, releasing again oxygen and producing carbohydrate as food for animals and people.

Also we communicate through the air when we speak, forming air waves of different pressures. Breathing is a essential part of speaking. Have you ever wondered why this metabolizing process is so strictly connected to a communication process?

2) We are connected through the full spectrum of electromagnetic waves

There is no separation at all from the point of view of electromagnetism. Everything is connected with everything. There is a flow of energy which is incredible rich of different frequencies between each person and animal on the planet. We are able to see each other by the visible light, part of this electromagnetic spectrum. But there are also invisible parts which seems to have a important part in communication, not only in the animal realm. (See biophotons).

Electromagnetic Spectrum

3) We are all entangled with each other

Quantum mechanics proves that small particles, from photons to RNA, are connected with each other through the so called “quantum entanglement” even if they are distant million of miles. Logic reasoning then leads to the conclusion that nonlocality is the norm and not locality. Yes, locality represents in the quantum world a anomaly, because it is difficult to explain why particles are local from the point of view of a consciousness based reality.

These was only 3 physical examples to proof that we are not separated at all from each other. I’m sure there are more examples and the implications are always a force for a paradigm shift in this old system.

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