Prototype of a immaterial computer

Imagine a computer that is not made of silicon chips, not of any material that we know, but immaterial like the Akashic Records.

How would we use it? Or how could we input and output data?

This immaterial computer would be attached to our DNA, so other people would not be able to use our private data if we don’t want to.

Internet like we know would be a vast cyberspace, with no limits. Perhaps we could access directly the Akashic Records and observe the past, learning about the true and hidden history or lost arts.

A “immaterial/material” interface would make it able to tune our reality deep till to the subatomic level.

The immaterial computer could be so merged with our mind, that we not even would recognize the difference. Maybe this immaterial computer does already exist!? But we are not able to use it, because of limitations set up by illusions. This illusions are based on lies.

If great power would be accessible through this immaterial computer, the engineer has certainly integrated some security function to ensure that nobody would misuse the power. Maybe this security function enable the computer only if enough people has achieved a higher degree of awareness?