Human Language is not Random

If consciousness is the source of order, why should then language as expression of consciousness be random?

With the help of the mathematical law of George Kingsley Zipf we can recognize a specific pattern repeating through every language of humanity. Not only spoken language, but also music, computer programs, even our behavior put into a symbolic language would show this kind of pattern.

One of this repeating patterns are that the most frequent word occurs double times as the next frequent occurring word. For example the word “the” occurs double times more frequent as “and” and “and” does occur double times more frequent as “is“, and so on.

This pattern applies to also to phrases and whole sentences of language. Take for example the phrase “HOW ARE YOU” [in chat rooms]. It occurs double or even more frequent as “WHAT IS YOUR NAME“.

But the number of things people actually do say is surprisingly small. Most time language takes the role as a process controller and it is not used to transmit deep and meaningful information. Same thing applies to the DNA or the signals from stars or the singing of whales.

Considering this, if we could write a software which could be able to analyze the meaningfulness of books, then there would be just one book standing out of millions.

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