Our Heart is a Homeopathic Potentizer Machine

Homeopathic remedies are a very interesting kind of medicine. It’s one of the rare methods where morphic fields are created (or connected through) by “succussion“, serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking on an elastic body. Each dilution followed by succussion increase the effectiveness of the remedy. Homeopaths call this process “potentization“. Dilution often continues until none of the original substance remains!

Water vortex

Modern homeopathic remedies are now made by machines to shake the dilutions (shake and dilute) in the required number of times and exact measurements. They ensure that the remedies are precisely made in the dilution that is indicated.

Vortex Implosion

Inside our heart a similar process occurs. Our blood in hour heart forms a vortex when it beats. Most people image our heart as a simple pump-machine, which has only the purpose to pump blood through our blood-system. But every substance which enters our blood-stream will be potentized like a homeopathic remedy. Our blood is then connected to the morphic field of the original substance, which occurs immediately within a heart beat.

Can you grasp the deep insight of this aspect?

60 beats per minute

Every heart beat stores and connects our being to morphic fields, fields of memories. Our thoughts are a kind of electrical field, they influence on a electromagnetic way our blood, and our heart puts them in the great warehouse of memories. If you know the theory of “scalar waves” then you will understand what I mean.

Where are our habits?

So we have here another evidence that memory is not stored inside the brain, but enters a nonlocal dimension, a scalar dimension. In this nonlocal dimension matter cannot exist. Unbelievable for a materialistic conditioned mind.

The nonlocal, scalar dimension, where all our thoughts and memories are stored, is a immaterial realm.

Even our habits are stored on this way and can be accessed through simple thoughts and triggers. It is therefore very important to assure what we think, what we do, what we see or learn. We just don’t know how long it would take to destroy a bad habit, or a bad memory, because they are not bound to matter at all, but resides in this nonlocal dimension. However, the scalar dimension is not a evidence for a afterlife hypothesis, because this dimensions depends strictly on a temporal dimension, which the scalar dimension lacks. Scalar waves “rides” on the time line, but are not affected by time itself … so they are “frozen“, not alive at all.

DNA is a unique key to access our personal data inside the nonlocal dimension. The DNA is able to form a unique individual EM signature, something that Luc Antoine Montagnier proved in many experiments.

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