SuperOrganisms and Planetary Consciousness

The evolution of consciousness is related to the social co-operation, to the collective consciousness. Collective consciousness itself may reach its completion through a co-operation supra-social. In this context, it is important to consider that the existence of super-colonies in Nature has been studied recently (Higashi, Yamauchi, 1979). They observed super-colonies of red Japanese ants Formica yessensis. Their super-colonies consists of 45 000 colonies occupying 270 hectares, with 300 millions of workers and 1.1 million queens. These colonies are interconnected with a web of 100 km long paths. There is a permanent exchange of workers and queens between the groups. There is no aggression between the members of the super-colonies.


According to my theory outlined above, larger aggregates of individual units, when forming a group, with a global organisation background, may turn to be more sensitive to subtle outer, natural and cosmic influences. This result is consistent with the view of Goldberg, who points out that nations are not products of a lately evolution, but are primary facts of life. It is a universal, spiritual form of life to form a community (Hamvas, 1943).

Interactions between the members of a healthy, well-organised society involve the possibility to easily reach information from all the members of the society.

In optimal case, when the organisational activity of the society is well developed, all the information is processed and exchanged, shared and ‘sacred’ by sharing, therefore forming a Common Field of Consciousness of the society. Perceiving the nature of the Common Field of Consciousness of the society is a substantial part of a healthy society, as being a condition of the individual participation in the life functions of the society as a whole. Perceiving the natural and cosmic informations is again a substantial function, which is a condition of the harmonious relation of the society to its immediate and cosmic environment. The physical conditions to this refined sensing are given just by the cohered tuning and co-operation of individuals, acting as a larger whole, sensitive to radiation with larger wavelengths. Planetary consciousness may be approached when global-scale activity is in development. The presence of Schumann waves, and their direct interaction with the individual’s brain activity give an additional, natural basis for the development of consciousness of mankind into a planetary consciousness.

Source: The Physics of Collective Consciousness, by Attila Grandpierre

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