HAARP and Gravity Clouds

According to HAARP patent inventor Bernard Eastlund’s website [searched for it but it is not available anymore], gravity waves are believed to be responsible for severe weather phenomenon, but he admits that there is a lack of research and associated research papers. He admits that HAARP has the capability of producing 3.6 Megawatts CW (Continuous Wave). He believes that to be “significant” and cites Gossard (1962). Moreover, he cites research done by Sofko and Huang, Gravity Wave Generation and Joule Heating associated with solar flares in the polar regions. He says the gravity waves would have resulted from the auroral zone electrojet and the accompanying Joule heating activity.

“What is a gravity wave? To start a gravity wave, a TRIGGER mechanism must cause the air to be displaced in the vertical. Examples of trigger mechanisms that produce gravity waves are mountains and thunderstorm updrafts. To generate a gravity wave, the air must be forced to rise in STABLE air. Why? Because if air rises in unstable air it will continue to rise and will NOT create a wave pattern. If air is forced to rise up in stable air, the natural tendency will be for the air to sink back down over time (usually because the parcel forced to rise is colder than the environment). The momentum of the air imparted by the trigger mechanism will force the parcel to rise and the stability of the atmosphere will force the parcel of air to sink after it rises (you have now undergone the first steps into creating a wave).”

”It is important to understand the concept of momentum. A rising or sinking air parcel will “overshoot” its equilibrium point. In a gravity wave, the parcel of air will try to remain at a location in the atmosphere where there are no forces causing it to rise or sink. Once a force moves the parcel from its natural state of equilibrium, the parcel will try to regain its equilibrium. But in the process, it will overshoot and undershoot that natural position each time it is rising or sinking because of its own momentum. At a sufficient distance from where the trigger mechanism caused the parcel to rise, the intensity of the gravity wave will decrease. At increasing distance, the parcel of air becomes closer to remaining at its natural state of equilibrium.”

”In a gravity wave, the upward moving region is the most favorable region for cloud development and the sinking region favorable for clear skies. That is why you may see rows of clouds and clear areas between the rows of clouds. A gravity wave is nothing more than a wave moving through a stable layer of the atmosphere. Thunderstorm updrafts will produce gravity waves as they try to punch into the tropopause. The tropopause represents a region of very stable air. This stable air combined with the upward momentum of a thunderstorm updraft (trigger mechanism) will generate gravity waves within the clouds trying to push into the tropopause.”

Gravity Waves Ripple Over Stratocumulus Clouds NASA Earth Observatory

These artificially generated “gravity waves”, in my opinion, are actually HAARP-induced clouds, as they appear to be a might too perfectly symmetrical. Zoom in and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You will notice HAARP-induced “gravity waves” throughout the GOES Hot Stuff clips.

“Researchers have shown that gravity waves in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere considerably influence the formation of high cirrus clouds considerably. Gravity waves are fluctuating air parcels caused by air parcel displacement, and then restored to its initial position by gravity. The generation of gravity waves must occur in a stable atmosphere. Gravity waves, to avoid rising or sinking, are continually seeking a state of equilibrium. It will, however, overshoot and undershoot that original position each time it is rising or sinking because of its own momentum.

“Gravity waves can reproduce both vertically and horizontally. They can result from a passage of wind across terrestrial forms and convection penetrating a stable region. They can also be generated as adjustments to imbalances in the atmospheric flow. They are observed at all levels in the atmosphere and seen in the troposphere as oriented bands of clouds. Gravity waves transport momentum and energy from the troposphere to the middle atmosphere.”

Source: Fireline Leadership in the Brave New World of Weather Modification