Free Energy Benefits Pertaining to Freedom


I do not put my hope in this world, because it will not survive. I really wondered for long time why this world is not fallen apart already, but then I realized that invisible forces acts against the winds of destruction, preventing the destruction of this world before a new core of society is established. Indeed today millions of people are waking up and learn how to live in the new world under a heavenly government. The hope we have is not that someone will rescue this world, but that someone will rescue us. This world will pass away and all what is in it. The new society will build up a world which is aware of the human origin and it’s destiny. In this new world the free energy technology will be freely available without restrictive forces from conspirators or liars. If a world was founded on illusions and lies it will for sure end. There is no continuity for a lie, no persistence for a illusion, because consciousness is like a fire. Free energy will only be available in a free world, free from illusions and free from lies.