Global Organisation and ActioninDistance

If a system is able to develop a level of phenomenon which is independent from mere physical and environmental determinations, it develops its own laws on this level. In order to be able to follow these laws, it has to find a way to handle the energy and information which reached the system from a global perspective, transporting the energy and information easily to the place where they serve the global project. This ‘global organisation’ assumes the existence of an ‘action-in-distance’, first of all, because the global organising centre has to contact - within the shortest time of the reaction time scales - not only the state of affairs in the whole system, but also it has to process the information and reach the proper decision. The system has to be ‘transparent’ for the information needed. On the other hand, the system also has to be filled with free energy stores in order to make the energy easily available when the decisions reach local parts of the system. This informational transparency requires an informational action-in-distance. If there an informational transparency exists within the system, it may also be used to gain access to interact with other systems in the informational level. This intersubjective informational transparency is the first form of perception that nature applied, in generating always the global system first and the subsystems subsequently, e.g. the Metagalaxy first and the Galaxy afterwards, the species first, the individual later. Therefore, informational transparency is as basic for the individuals of a species as for the cells within the body of the organism. Actually, this informational ‘action in distance’ is based on a co-operation of similarly tuned units of organisation, at cells, organisms, groups, in and between different species, until the biosphere as a whole and the Universe as a whole. This primal perception is the way how cosmic tuning (Grandpierre, A., 1992), and an anthropic, life-containing Universe (Barrow, Tipler, 1986) are produced.

Transparent Exchange of Information

The transparent exchange of information is a kind of perception which was necessarily developed upon the origin of Metagalaxy, and divided afterwards into its subsystems, all of which kept some primal patterns of its antedescent organism in order to be able to organise itself as a whole. This informational perception turns out to be a primal, cosmic perception which developed before the origin of external senses. The primal perception is a direct unfolding and exchange of all basic information present in the Cosmos. This primal perception is the first - still unnoticed- life phenomenon developed in the Universe. The primal perception still preserved some of its characteristics in the phenomena of group effect.

Source: The Physics of Collective Consciousness - by Attila Grandpierre