Joe Cell – Amazing Water Properties

The water that has been charged in a cell has numerous astonishing properties.

For example, BJ describes pouring some of the water into a polluted creek, and the water around it cleared for nearly six feet in diameter around where the water was poured.

He says that Joe has given it to people who have drunk the water and had various ailments clear up, such as cancer. Apparently the charged water reprograms the water within the human body (like the polluted creek), causing the body to release toxins in similar manner.

Joe Cell

It is the water that enables an engine to run, not the cell. “The cell creates the environment that organizes the water into a charge separation and re-polarization of its crystal structure. The water then channels protons from the host cell through the delivery tube to the engine, extending its energetic nature to reprogram the metal and water (in the cooling system) into its charged atomic, energetic state.

One time, BJ added charged water directly to a car’s coolant system. Two things happened. The coolant dropped out of solution, and the engine ran on the proton energy, though no cell was attached to the car. If the car runs cool enough on proton energy (and engines thus running generally do run relatively cool), this method could be much easier than installing the cell in the engine compartment. Just how long it would last has yet to be documented.

This being the case, on would think that any engine that has a charged cell applied to it will see the anti-freeze drop out of suspension, similar to what was observed when water was added directly to the coolant. BJ thinks this will be true. “Charged water will not hold dissolved solids in suspension as will dead water, which holds everything in suspension.” Joe has observed the same thing.

BJ said, “I sat charged water next to a bucket of dirty water, which began to slowly rotate counter-clockwise. Then all suspended dirt fell to the bottom as I watched.

Source: Proton Cell

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