Avoiding the Infinite

Tonight is the thriller night, a night full of horror. Materialistic scientist from all over the world are going to watch a movie at the local cinema outside the town, near the dark wood. The title of the movie is so mysterious like the invitation which was teleported right on top of their desks:”The Infinite

You should know something about materialistic scientists, they fear the infinite like a little girl fears the darkness in the attic. They avoid this thematic and when they are confronted with it they start immediately to whistle, changing the topic, crying loud out for mommy, or just running away. Cowards! Indeed they fear to have reached the edge of their worldview and recognize finally that they lived in a illusion. Materialists are loosing territory with every single scientific discovery. Indeed the best they could do is to hide into theoretical classical physics and playing with their Big Bang simulation until mommy is going to get them to home.

People do think that if they avoid the truth, it might change to something better before they have to hear it.

(Marsha Norman)

The Big Bang and the Imaginary Time

Imaginary time was introduced by Stephen Hawking (materialist scientist) to avoid singularities, or points at which the spacetime curvature becomes infinite, that occur in ordinary time. Imaginary time too would be curved by matter in the universe and therefore would meet the three spatial dimensions to form a closed surface like that of Earth. This curved surface would not have a beginning or end, or indeed any boundaries or edges. This idea helps to avoid the fundamental question of what happened before the Big Bang.