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What is the Speed of Gravity?

What is the Speed of Gravity?

Quantum experiments have long demonstrated that subatomic particles somehow “know” about each other instantly, and at great distances. Institutional science utilizes terms such as quantum entanglement and spooky action to describe the phenomena. But the Electric Universe theory offers a very different perspective. The speed of light limit to communication imposed by the theory of relativity is not a universal speed limit. In this Space News episode, Nicholas Sykes elaborates the fundamental differences in this regard between those of the Electric Universe and standard cosmology.

Quantum nonlocality and why materialists denies scientific facts

Quantum nonlocality and why materialists denies scientific facts

Why materialists are irritated about nonlocality?
On Twitter I made this observation, that on more than 60% of the tweets which contains the keywords “quantum nonlocality” some armchair scientists claims that nonlocality actually does not exist or cannot exist, or should not exist, etc. When you visit their profile you may notice that they also advocates for other materialistic aspects like atheism, gay propaganda and or skeptic club. They always have at least two keywords which contains a materialistic component, identifying themselves as a materialist. It’s sounds as if they was paid for doing this kind of propaganda and interestingly they all use the same swearwords like the famous “BS” word.

Another interesting fact is that these people attack other twitter users who shares a link towards a post which describes a scientific experiment on quantum nonlocality. First they try to convince them that they have no knowledge about the “real science“, then they begin to call it “quantum woo” and then at the third attempt they take the “BS” word out of their small repertory and share it with the world. But never ever they use sophisticated scientific facts as arguments for their materialistic world view. I doubt that these guys are scientists or that they have a real scientific understanding.

The denial may be political motivated (shame on them), or money is involved, or it is motivated by frustration.

What does science really say about nonlocality?
An experiment devised in Griffith University’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics has for the first time demonstrated Albert Einstein’s original conception of “spooky action at a distance” using a single particle.

However, rather than simply detecting the presence or absence of the particle, we used homodyne measurements enabling one party to make different measurements and the other, using quantum tomography, to test the effect of those choices.

Through these different measurements, you see the wave function collapse in different ways, thus proving its existence and showing that Einstein was wrong.

(read more)

Writing in Physical Review Letters, Dr Tamas Vertesi from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Dr Nicolas Brunner from the University of Bristol make a significant step forward in this direction. They show that the weakest form of entanglement – so-called undistillable entanglement – can lead to quantum nonlocal correlations, the strongest form of inseparability in quantum mechanics. According to Professor Pawel Horodecki, a quantum theorist at the Gdansk University of Technology, “entanglement is almost ‘invisible’ in such systems, which makes it very surprising that they can exhibit nonlocality”. (read more)

But entanglement has since been proven to be a very real feature of our universe, and one that has extraordinary potential to advance all manner of scientific endeavor.

There is a close connection between teleportation and quantum computers, which are devices which exploit quantum mechanics to perform computations which would not be feasible on a classical computer,” said Strelchuck. (read more)

Materialists desperately try to influence the masses to not investigate further the quantum nonlocality phenomenon. Despite of their ridiculous attempts and efforts to change the public opinion, many young scientists are deeply involved in quantum nonlocality experiments and with great success. A paradigm change is at the door sill.

It’s a shame that Einstein didn’t live long enough to learn about this.
The universe is not as reasonable as he wanted it to be.
(Christoph Simon, theoretical quantum physicist, University of Calgary)

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Awesome Homemade Quantum Eraser experiment

Awesome Homemade Quantum Eraser experiment

See the Quantum weirdness by an experiment at home. It is really exciting to feel the result of experiment done by our own hand.

Somebody is telling that, this experiment is not quantum phenomenon, the wave pattern is erased because of different polarization of two light beam. And returns again because of setting all in to same by 45 degree polarization. so it is not quantum behavior.

But actually it is definitely a quantum behavior.

They are confusing Electromagnetic-wave with Quantum-Probability-Wave. And they are not aware of probabilistic nature of photon. Double slit experiment is showing the probabilistic nature of individual photon.
The interference pattern is generated by two spatial probability waves (each one coming from each slit) which was explained by Max Born and mathematically formulated by Erwin Schrödinger.

It is true that the statement “each photon interferes only with itself. Interference between different photons never occurs” of Paul Dirac. He told about the interference of probability wave.

But EM-Wave tells about that the wave frequency (which causes color) of EM.
It tells about the pulsing wave of individual photon, that “The smaller length the higher energy. And higher length the small energy.

So here is a huge difference between EM-Wave and Quantum-Spatial-Probability-Wave. What we are seeing the interference patterns here is the effect of collision of two Quantum-Spatial-Probability-Waves

But I agree that this different-polarized filter based measurement is not perfect quantum observation.

But the disappearing and reappearing interference pattern is pure quantum eraser phenomenon.

(Source of the text is the description of the video)

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The Riddle of Consciousness

The Riddle of Consciousness

In my view biology is even more fundamental than physics!
Menas Kafatos

Eminent physicist and author Menas Kafatos discusses “The Riddle of Consciousness.” How do we know that what we see and experience is reality?* How do we explain consciousness in the current scientific paradigm? Kafatos is joined by Deepak Chopra to explore these fascinating questions.

Watch Part [2]:…
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The Dangers of Telepathy

The Dangers of Telepathy

The transmission of information between humans without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction is called “Telepathy“. Mainstream science denies the existence of this phenomenon, but many people claims that they have experienced this several times.

There is a pattern. People who are in love experience telepathy more frequently. Mothers also have this experience with their children. Twins are known to feel what the other twin feels. It seems that the emotional bond has something to do with the occurrence of telepathic phenomena. Maybe this is a explanation why mainstream science was unable to detect it in their closed minded experiments.

Some “fringe” scientists says that it may be explainable by the way our brain works. Neurons contains microtubulis which reacts on quantum level and they could deliver the right interface structure for such a “telepathy technology“.

Neuron anatomy

Biocentrism and Natural Telepathy
From the point of view of Biocentrism telepathy would not require any “technology” inside us, but this kind of communication would be natural like thinking. If this is true, then the question arise why do we not experience telepathy more frequently?

Or we can ask “Why do I not remember every detail of my childhood?“. If we are all interconnected, having one global mind or one collective subconsciousness, then there is a kind of security switch that will prevent to access the memory of other people. This may be due the fact that we cannot cope with a high speed stream of information and that it could be harmful for our health. Imagine that you could hear or see what billion of other people can see. This requires for sure a security layer which filters important from unimportant information. Indeed many telepathic experiences occurred when the life of many people was in danger, in other words when the information really matter. This could explain why emotional bonding enables telepathy too.

Security Layers and Trauma
Another explanation is that people build up a own additional security layer which is much stronger in order to avoid that someone could touch their inner secrets. A trauma for example can be treated like a secret or it is regarded as a private thought without a public access permission. There is a certain dynamic in this process. Telepathy could access the trauma of the collective mind and the pain would be too much. Therefore there are for sure more security layers and they are not of a permanent nature.

I can only imagine that telepathy would become a normal thing in a world without pain and suffering, when the global human family will be healed from it’s ancient trauma.

Secret societies are pyramid like organizations. Between each “layer” special “initiations” are required. The “one big secret” (or master plan) is not told to the aspirant, but it is divided into pieces like a puzzle and infolded in mythology. This kind of encoding ensures that the big picture is never revealed to the public. And there is the danger that “their plans” could leak through by telepathy when a morphic field is build up, strong enough to be perceived by “common people“. Therefore they reduce the knowledge of the majority inside their organization and hide their master plan even inside themselves by encoding techniques. Mythology indeed is a way of encoding a truth which should never be understood by people outside their secret society.

Secret societies hides their secrets and crimes behind a curtain of mythology and hypocrisy.

For example the organizations of the false religions in this world have a double face like the god Janus. They pretend to be good Christians, good catholics, but then inside their church, deep in their secret rooms they worship another god as the public. Cowardly the build up a morphic field which has the consent by the folk because they are tricked in accepting the illusion they sell them. If our awareness would become bigger and telepathic occurrences more frequent, then this leak would trigger the end of the false religion.

Certain remedies seems to remove traumatic layers and this enable telepathic experience for short time. For example Thuja is known as a “clairvoyant” remedy. It is listed in the repertory under Mind-clairvoyant and Dream-clairvoyant. This remedy has helped a lot of people to recognize their “shadow“, a traumatic memory suppressed in their childhood. Sometimes a patient ask a homeopathic therapist for help for a physical health problem and they receive Thuja as homeopathic remedy. But the remedy does not limit its action on the body alone, it affects also the mind and it touches the suppressed memories. This has a healing effect on the emotional level. As a consequence the security layer is removed. When a child was sexually molested he gets nightmares and panic attacks. The shadow can manifest in different ways. Thuja helps to cope with this traumas and dissolve it. Then the coward pedophile will have a real problem, because security layers made of fear and shame are removed permanently and other people’s intuition reinforced by telepathic glances leads to the arrest of the criminal. One more reason why children should be treated with homeopathy when they have recurrent bad dreams.


Phosphor is another remedy which has a lot of déjà vu and telepathic experiences. It is known to have weak “boundaries” and therefore their mind diffuse into other minds. They become very sensible to atmospheric change, not only for weather, but also for the “atmosphere” in a room, family or a company. They can feel the thoughts of others. But this “loosing the own boundaries” has a price. They loose energy too. Here the telepathy is not natural, but it is caused by weak security layers. You see that there are differences between one person’s ability and the other. The root cause why one experience telepathy can be different for everyone. Therefore I have studied the patterns and it always lead back to the fact that there are security layers inside our mind and between our mind and the collective.

Arnica, a remedy that contains elements from the Lanthanides, is listed in the rubric “clairvoyant” too. It’s one of the main trauma remedies. I believe that people who have suffered traumas can develop a certain sensibility because it helps to prevent further traumas.

The Difference between Classic View of Fortune-telling and Telepathy
The classic view of “clairvoyant” is shaped by the materialism. Many people believe that humans can predict the future. But this could only be possible in a 100% determined future. The contrary view to materialism is idealism, which states that humans have a free will and the future is undetermined. Indeed idealism’s view of the universe regards the mind as the base of everything and matter only as a abstract form of the mind. Therefore a clairvoyant could never predict the future, only make some good prognosis because of the insight into the collective mind.

A prediction is an attempt to determine the future, not to foretell it.
Keep this in mind when someone foretells the future!

Dangers of Telepathy
Curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately many people are attracted to the occult and esoteric teachings. They are misled by false teachings about the real nature of the human soul (which means “breathing creature” and it is not a immortal entity which is part of the mass mind controlling technique of the catholic church), or misled by the materialistic world view of a determined universe. All this leads to wrong paths constructed by illusions.

By the way, the word “fortune” has it’s origins in Babylonian mythology, a goddess who apparently was able to change the destiny.

Forcing telepathic experience is very harmful for the health, especially for people with a predisposition for mental illness. The security layers are there to protect us. Even if someone has frequent telepathic experiences, they are most times of no use to the person. Real telepathy can be mixed up with pathological delusions, especially if it is forced by techniques like meditation.

Interesting fact is that homeopathy regards “clairvoyance” as pathological state of mind. Too many people forced themselves with meditation practice of concentration techniques to enhance their natural (limited) perception, but the result was confusion of mind and fear.

Another real danger is that by egoistically removing the security layers in our subconsciousness the gates for evil entities are opened. Once opened the influence will affect all aspects of life. So there is really no need to play around with the fire.

One day our perception will be greatly enhanced and we will regard some “strange phenomena” as totally normal. But we should never force ourselves to achieve certain abilities like telepathy. On the other way it is wrong to be narrow minded and declare telepathy as pure evil, heresy, or to deny the possibility of the existence of this phenomena only because it doesn’t fit in our current world view. It’s for sure a phenomena that still requires more attention by mainstream science, especially due the fact that it delivers some deep insight in human nature.

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Time is an emergent phenomenon that is a side effect of quantum entanglement

Time is an emergent phenomenon that is a side effect of quantum entanglement

Emergence is a popular idea in science. In particular, physicists have recently become excited about the idea that gravity is an emergent phenomenon. So it’s a relatively small step to think that time may emerge in a similar way.

This is an elegant and powerful idea. It suggests that time is an emergent phenomenon that comes about because of the nature of entanglement. And it exists only for observers inside the universe. Any god-like observer outside sees a static, unchanging universe, just as the Wheeler-DeWitt equations predict.

Source: Quantum Experiment Shows How Time ‘Emerges’ from Entanglement

Entanglement Due to Wormhole Between Particles

Entanglement Due to Wormhole Between Particles

Physicists at the University of Washington and Stony Brook University in New York believe that quantum entanglement might be intrinsically linked with wormholes, hypothetical features of space-time that in popular science fiction can provide a much-faster-than-light shortcut from one part of the universe to another.

Source: ‘Spooky action’ builds a wormhole between ‘entangled’ particles

Quantum Entanglement between Words in our Mind

Quantum Entanglement between Words in our Mind

Researchers have modeled the human mental lexicon as consisting of words that cannot be separated from other words, which may explain why words have many associations, a feature which helps us communicate.

The researchers begin by explaining the difference between classical correlations (in the Spreading Activation model) and quantum correlations (in the Spooky Activation at a Distance model). Specifically, no pre-existing elements or hidden variables exist in quantum correlations as they do in classical correlations. For example, a classical correlation would be a scenario in which someone writes the same number on two pieces of paper, and sends them to two distant ends of the Universe. When received, both papers have the same number, but this correlation is due to a pre-existing action.


On the other hand, the quantum analogue of this scenario is much stranger. At one end of the Universe, someone writes a number on a blank piece of paper. At the other end of the Universe, another individual discovers that the same number is written on another piece of paper. Called quantum entanglement, this scenario doesn’t occur in everyday life, but it has been observed at the quantum scale and is referred to as “non-locality.”

In the researchers’ word entanglement model, each associated word can either be recalled or not recalled. An entangled state would occur when two associated words (e.g. “Earth” and “space”) are either both recalled or both not recalled in relation to a cue word (e.g. “planet”). Intuitively, this makes sense: when visualizing Earth, it’s hard to not also visualize the surrounding space. In this example, Earth and space make up a non-separable entity.

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